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160th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Municipality of Parramatta

The 27th November 2021 marks the 160th anniversary of the ‘Proclamation of the Municipality of Parramatta’ which came into effect under The Municipalities Act 1858 on the 27th November, 1861. The Municipalities Act allowed for new municipalities (a town or district that has a local government) to be created on the petition of at least fifty resident householders.

City of Parramatta Council will celebrate this anniversary with a special Civic occasion in Parramatta Square. The historic milestone will recognise the transformation of the City, highlighting Council’s state of the art Civic venue the Phive (5PS), unveil a foundation plaque, and showcase the history and role of local government.

The City of Parramatta archives have published a series of articles focusing on the records held in our collection that reflect the development of the Council and the Municipality of Parramatta since the proclamation in 1861. The articles include a focus on pre-1861 local administration in Parramatta, the 1861 proclamation and the centenary events held in Parramatta in 1961. Some of the records featured from our archives include Council minutes, photographs and audio-visual footage.

The content can be accessed here: 160 Years of Parramatta Municipal Council.