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Update your pet's microchip

Even if you have done the right thing and had your pet microchipped and lifetime registered, it is possible for your pet to arrive at an Animal Holding Facility.

This undesirable result could be due to outdated microchip information, and also means City of Parramatta will not be able to locate and alert you if we've found your missing pet.  

Remember, as a pet owner you must notify City of Parramatta if:

  • you change your address and/or contact details
  • you give away or sell your pet (include both your details and the details of the new pet owner) 
  • your pet goes missing and when it is found again
  • your pet dies

If you give away or sell your pet, you are required to complete a Change of Owner/Details form. Once you have completed the form with the new owner's signature, email or post the form to:

e: council@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au
m: PO Box 32 Parramatta NSW 2124

It is the previous pet owner's responsibility to update the details. Any other changes for your pet, not related to change of ownership, can be updated online or by emailing Council.  You can also use this form to add a secondary contact such as a family member or friend, for times where you are uncontactable to help reunite you with your furry friend.

Did you know? Failing to update your pet's microchip information can result in an on-the-spot penalty of $180.