City Strategy

City of Parramatta is working hard to improve our city and council under the new LGA boundaries, now and in the future. We are generating creative ideas and projects that address emerging issues and support Parramatta in becoming a centre of excellence.

We have a long term vision for the City and are progressing rapidly towards these goals. Our work spans across a variety of areas, including urban design, land use planning, precinct planning, CBD planning, social outcomes, economic development, environmental outcomes and transport planning. Find out about some of the projects we are working on below:

Integrated Planning

Implementing Parramatta 2038, Parramatta’s Community Strategic Plan through Council’s Corporate Plan, the four-year Delivery Program.
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Precinct Planning

Council is undertaking planning and implementing projects that will drive urban renewal and redevelopment in key precincts, to support jobs growth and meet the housing needs of a growing Parramatta.
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Economic Development

Parramatta City Council plays a strategic role in creating partnerships, advocating in the interests of the City and running projects and events that move Parramatta closer to the goal of being Australia’s next major CBD.
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Environmental Outcomes

We provide environmental planning and advice which assists us in becoming a leading city in the development of a green economy and efficient use of water, waste and more.
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Transport Planning

City of Parramatta develops new transport initiatives and prepares policies, plans and strategies to guide and support the strategic direction of our City and beyond.
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Urban Design

Our aim is to bring an integrated design approach to cities and neighbourhoods. We know a lot about the effective use of public space, building types and how the physical form impacts on our city.
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Land Use

We prepare land-use plans and strategies, including Local Environmental Plans, Development Control Plans, Development Contribution Plans (Section 94), provide strategic advice relating to land use plans and strategies, and manage Council’s local heritage grants.
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CBD Planning

Parramatta is located at the geographical centre of Sydney and is a focus for employment, housing, recreation and cultural opportunities. Parramatta is Sydney’s dual CBD as recognised in the NSW Government’s metropolitan strategy - A Plan for Growing Sydney. To fully realise its role, Parramatta must facilitate significant job and dwelling growth to increase its social and economic prosperity.
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Find out more about the new LGA boundaries via the Parramatta LGA map.