The Local Representation Advisory Committee

Administrators of merged councils were asked by the Government to establish representation committees to help bring communities together and to provide an avenue for independent community input on council mergers. Two committees have been established for City of Parramatta: the Local Representation Advisory Committee (LRAC) and the Former Councillor Representation Committee (FCRC).

LRAC is an inclusive advisory committee of independent community members and former councillors who work together in the best interests of the entire community. The committee will represent all residents and ratepayers across the whole of the new Local Government Area (LGA) and will be consulted on a range of local issues to help bring communities together as part of the new City of Parramatta.

The committee is an opportunity for local residents and business people to share local views and help guide the amalgamation process.

The LRAC currently includes 16 members consisting of 9 community members and 7 former councillors.

Community members

Rev Keith Hamilton (Chair)
Parramatta resident, Senior Minister and CEO Parramatta Mission, Board Member of Community Migrant Resource Centre and Western Sydney Community Forum

Christine Rigby (Deputy Chair)
Newington resident, committee member of the Festival of All Abilities and the Newington Working Group, previously Head of Studies TAFE and Ward Secretary Concord Hospital

Mark Boyd
Newington resident, immediate past Secretary United Voice, founding board member of Sydney Alliance

Jeanette Farrell
Northmead resident, closely involved in advocacy for local residents as electorate officer for The Hon Phillip Ruddock, previously actively involved in local soccer clubs and school committees, former alderman Parramatta City Council

Bronwyn Evans
Wentworth Point resident and business owner, President Wentworth Community Central, Chair Pulse Club, previously member of Executive Committee of both Harbourside and Waterfront Community Associations, participant in various council and major projects reference groups on local issues

Maria Fok
Epping resident, held various senior roles in ASX companies, expertise in growing innovation, cultural change and women in leadership

Associate Professor Deborah Hatcher
North Rocks resident, Dean of the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Western Sydney University Rydalmere, previously actively involved in Roselea Footballs Club, North Rocks Netball Club, North Rocks Rugby, PhD research including study of issues for ageing Parramatta resident’s living at home

Warrick Mclean
Epping resident, Parramatta business owner, member of Riverside Theatre Advisory Board, VP Western Sydney RAC, previously member Epping Civic Trust

Jacob Muller
Parramatta business owner, Western Sydney University Graduate, Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneur Youth Launch-pad Western Sydney, co-founder of Catalysr (start-up)

Former councillors:

Dr Shahadat Chowdhury
Bob Dwyer
John Hugh
Andrew Jefferies
Scott Lloyd
Lorraine Wearne
Andrew Wilson

The committee generally meets monthly.

Former Councillor Representation Committee

The Former Councillor Representation Committee (FCRC) is a committee of former councillors established by Council’s Administrator, Amanda Chadwick, to maintain continuity of knowledge and assist with the Council’s extensive civic program during the period of administration until the council elections in September 2017.

The FCRC  is an advisory committee, not a decision making body of the council. It generally meets every two months.

The committee currently includes the following members:

Lorraine Wearne (Chair)
Scott Lloyd (Deputy Chair)
Jean Pierre Abood
Dr Shahadat Chowdhury
Bob Dwyer
Pierre Esber
John Hugh
Andrew Jefferies
Bakous Makari
Andrew Wilson

On 4 August 2016 the Administrator, Amanda Chadwick, accepted former councillor John Chedid’s offer to stand aside from his position on the FCRC until further notice.