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COVID-19: - Strict lockdown restrictions now apply for Parramatta LGA. Read more >

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16 December 2019

Community Satisfaction Survey

The Community Satisfaction Survey is an annual piece of research designed to measure satisfaction with Council governance, services and facilities amongst residents and businesses in the City of Parramatta, and to measure community perceptions of Council. The ability to compare results year-on-year allows Council to track progress and identify how the Community is impacted by various issues. 

Independent market research specialists Micromex, were commissioned to undertake the research for 2019. A total of 602 telephone interviews were conducted which reflects a statistically representative sample of our community. The sample included 482 residents and 120 business owner / managers, with representation across each of the five wards.

Overall the 2019 community satisfaction results are favourable for City of Parramatta:

The ‘overall performance of Council’ mean score (3.76 out of 5) is significantly above Micromex’s normative data derived from many other metropolitan Councils (3.55).

Satisfaction was measured for services and facilities in City of Parramatta. 19 of the City of Parramatta services/facilities that could be compared with relevant norms of other councils are above average, a further 11 are on par with norms and only one is below the relevant norm. 
Three of the 37 services have significantly increased in 2019. These included:

  • Value for Money provided in return for the rates paid
  • Cycle ways and facilities
  • Children’s Playgrounds and Equipment 

Three in every four residents are likely to recommend Parramatta as a City to live in. Two in three businesses are likely to recommend Parramatta and three in four respondents are proud to be part of the Parramatta area.

Year-on-year, most 2019 scores are on a par or marginally above the 2018 results:

The ‘overall performance of Council’ mean score is almost identical to 2018 (3.75 in 2017, 3.73 in 2018 and now 3.76 in 2019).

The 37 services and facilities tested are split into four categories. The mean scores for each of the four categories have remained constant with 2018. Satisfaction ratings for the majority of individual services are higher than the comparison norms for other councils (19 of the 31 services where a comparison was available).

The opportunity areas that the research identified were:

  • Ensuring that Council maintain community engagement and communication - a key driver of overall satisfaction
  • Movement around the LGA: Parking, road and footpath maintenance, traffic management, sustainable transport options all act as key drivers of overall satisfaction and residents have identified them as important.
  • Waste and recycling: two waste attributes featured as key drivers of satisfaction – waste services and cleanliness of waterways. 

For further information, please contact the Research and Insights Team Leader on 02 9806 8545 

Community Satisfaction Survey v2

Read the full report here.

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