18 Jan 2017

Traffic and access changes as Parramatta Square starts to take shape

  • Darcy Street
    Darcy Street

Parramatta’s CBD is undergoing an incredible transformation as work on the $2 billion Parramatta Square urban renewal precinct picks up pace.

Excavation and construction work on Parramatta Square means there will be some changes to how drivers and pedestrians navigate key areas of the CBD.

Dates for the changes are still being finalised so it’s important to check regularly for the most current details to help you plan for the changes ahead.

Darcy Steet Changes


Darcy Street will be closed to all traffic from 13 February 2017. This means the developer, Walker Corporation, will be able to start archaeological works on Darcy Street before excavation begins as part of construction of the commercial towers at 4 and 6 Parramatta Square.

Bus Services

  • Route 900 – the free Parramatta loop shuttle bus – will no longer stop at Darcy Street or Westfield. A new stop will now be located at 91 Macquarie Street, just before Centenary Square. The new bus stop will be a 3-5 minute walk from Parramatta train station via Darcy Street and Centenary Square or a 2-3-minute walk from Westfield via Centenary Square. For more details visit transportnsw.info or call 131 500
  • Rail replacement buses and private shuttle buses, such as those operated by Wet’n’Wild, will use a new bus area on Smith Street near the forecourt area between Sydney Water and Western Sydney University’s new vertical campus
  • Western Sydney University’s shuttle bus stop is also located at 169 Macquarie Street outside the campus
  • The drop-off/pick-up zone for commuters on Darcy Street will no longer be in use but there are 2 other zones available close by at Fitzwilliam Street, outside the railway station entrance and on Valentine Avenue near Wentworth Street


To grab a taxi, use the existing ranks on Fitzwilliam Street and Valentine Avenue.


The set-down-pick-up zone for commuters on Darcy Street will no longer be available but there are 2 other existing zones close by:

  • Fitzwilliam Street outside the railway station entrance
  • Valentine Avenue near Wentworth Street


Pedestrians can still use Darcy Street to make their way around the CBD and access to and from the train station will remain in the early parts of 2017. It is anticipated that at some time during 2017 Darcy Street will be completely closed to pedestrians, as well as vehicles. Please check this website regularly for further updates on pedestrian access including alternative routes.

Stay safe

For most people, your walk through the Parramatta CBD will not change but you’ll notice a lot of construction activity happening around you. City of Parramatta encourages everyone in the CBD to remain alert to a highly active and regularly changing environment. particularly around Parramatta Square.

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