17 Dec 2018

Parramatta Artists' Studios 2019


  • Parramatta Artists' Studios 2019
    Parramatta Artists' Studios 2019

Nearly 20 new artists are moving into City of Parramatta Council’s Parramatta Artists’ Studios (PAS) and Rydalmere Artists’ Studios (RAS) this month. 

The painters, sculptors, videographers, performers and photographers were chosen from over 100 applicants for the two studio facilities. 

“Our artists are valuable to our City, and contribute to Parramatta’s vibrant and growing cultural sector,” City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Andrew Wilson said.
“Art communicates across languages, class and culture. Which is why our City supports artists developing their skills and careers, because they create rich social and cultural connections in our community,” he said. 

PAS supports artists to connect and find inspiration in Parramatta, while the new RAS studios launch in Rydalmere next year.  

Since 2006 PAS has supported hundreds of emerging, mid-career and established artists. 

PAS has 13 studios across two-levels of a Macquarie Street building in Parramatta’s CBD and provides professional workspaces for creative projects and networking with peers and art influencers. 

PAS will officially open an additional six warehouse-style artists’ studios in Rydalmere in February 2019, made possible through the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund. It will focus on resident artists who are beyond their emerging career stage. 

The 2019 Parramatta Studio Artists are: Tully Arnot, Justin Balmain, Tom Blake, Dacchi Dang, Kalanjay Dhir, Rebecca Gallo, Danielle Lumanta, Anthony Macris, Nadia Odlum, Emily Parsons-Lord, Sarah Rodigari, Marilyn Schneider, Justine Youssef and Louise Zhang.
The 2019 Rydalmere Studio Artists are: Liam Benson, Emma Fielden, Mehwish Iqbal, Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran, Tom Polo and Yasmin Smith.