5 Jun 2019

Parramatta launches new Community Fund

City of Parramatta Council welcomes the launch of a grassroots philanthropic fund which harnesses local knowledge and resources to help communities in need.

The Parramatta Community Fund, with donor support, will offer grants to charities and organisations to improve the wellbeing of local residents and nurture a culture of giving in the Parramatta area.

“Together we are building a Giving Circle – a dedicated network of local residents and businesses to support local initiatives, empower residents and build a vibrant, inclusive Parramatta,” City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Andrew Wilson said.

“We encourage members of the City of Parramatta community to give where they live. Every donation contributes to a new opportunity for a family or a person who is hoping for a better future.”

Parramatta Community Fund Chair Anna Ashenden said there is great power in community philanthropy.

“We are very excited that Parramatta has embraced the concept of a local foundation, collaborating with partners who can get behind our vision of place-based philanthropy to address our community’s specific needs and help people who are suffering from disadvantage,” Ms Ashenden said.

The Parramatta Community Fund was launched on Friday 24 May at Lachlan's Old Government House in Parramatta Park.

The Fund is overseen by a volunteer team of local residents, business owners and councillors.

In 2016, City of Parramatta Council provided $100,000 in seed funding to support the not-for-profit organisation, which is a sub-fund of the Sydney Community Foundation.

Anyone can make a donation to the Parramatta Community Fund.

For more information or to show your support, visit the Parramatta Community Fund website.