15 Feb 2017

Potential sites identified for new Parramatta Pool

City of Parramatta is urging residents to share their views on a preferred location for a new aquatic centre during community consultation currently being undertaken by Parramatta Park Trust, as the next stage of its master planning process for the Precinct.

Two potential sites have been identified in Council’s initial site suitability study and investigations are continuing to confirm a preferred location.

The sites under consideration are the corner of Park Parade and Pitt Street (north of the Jubilee Avenue walkway), and the current school oval site (adjacent to Pitt Street) which were both found to be generally suitable, however use of the oval site would be subject to new sports field locations being identified elsewhere in Mays Hill.

Further detailed site evaluation will take place, including geotechnical, heritage and archaeological investigations, once the preferred location has been identified.

“We are delighted that our initial investigations have identified two potential sites for a new pool and we encourage people to participate in Parramatta Park Trust’s consultation process,” City of Parramatta Administrator Amanda Chadwick said.

“There is important work to be done by Council, the Parramatta Park Trust and the State Government before we can determine a final location but this is major step towards the new pool.”

Because the new pool will be such a significant asset, City of Parramatta is undertaking consultation to assess community expectations of aquatic and leisure needs.  The feedback received will inform the concept designs for a new aquatic centre.

Analysis already completed by Council suggests that a modern facility suitable for a growing city like Parramatta could include indoor and outdoor pools, as well as spaces for other recreational activities.

Assessment of suitable locations for a new aquatic centre will form part of the Master Plan being developed by Parramatta Park Trust for the entire Mays Hill Precinct, which includes the former Parramatta Golf Course.

The Trust is currently seeking feedback from the community about what activities and facilities people would like to see in that part of Parramatta Park, including the preferred location of a new aquatic centre.  This consultation will continue during February and March 2017.

“We’re keen to hear people’s thoughts about what they imagine the Mays Hill Precinct could look and feel like, and incorporate feedback from the community into the Master plan,” Suellen Fitzgerald, Executive Director of Parramatta Park and Western Sydney Parklands Trusts said.

With the Parramatta War Memorial Swimming Centre to close at the end of March due to the construction of the State Government’s new Western Sydney Stadium, Council has put a number of interim arrangements in place for users of the pool, and continues to develop additional opportunities.

These include the temporary relocation of the Parramatta Memorial Swimming Club and the provision of Free Tuesday swimming arrangements for seniors at other facilities.

Council is in ongoing discussions with Macarthur Girls High School and the Department of Education and Communities about conducting learn to swim classes at the school’s pool and is investigating other temporary pool facilities.

“Council recognises the importance of having aquatic facilities in Parramatta and communicating the interim arrangements prior to the closure of the Parramatta War Memorial Swimming Centre is a very high priority for us,” Ms Chadwick said.

“We regret the closure of the Parramatta pool but we are working hard to minimise the inconvenience for users.  We have allocated $1 million in our budget for the implementation of interim arrangements as needed and we are working with Infrastructure NSW to put arrangements in place that will ensure the people of Parramatta can continue to enjoy aquatic facilities as we plan and develop a new state-of-the-art aquatic centre for our city.”

People can register to receive updates about the pool by emailing poolupdate@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au

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