10 Oct 2019

Draft Dence Park Masterplan


  • Draft Dence Park Masterplan
    Draft Dence Park Masterplan

Using what we’ve heard from the community over the past 12 months, Council has prepared a draft Dence Park Masterplan, which is now on public exhibition for review and feedback. 

The Masterplan identifies upgrades for the Epping Creative Centre, Epping Aquatic Centre and surrounding green and open space. It will guide improvement of the whole park so it better responds to your needs and the needs of the future community.

The masterplan focuses on improving accessibility across the site through a number of key proposed upgrades, including:

  • Redevelopment of Epping Aquatic Centre, including new sky bridge, amenities building, spectator seating, learn to swim pool, water play facilities

  • Creating new formal passive recreational spaces including picnic facilities, gardens, seatings

  • Creating new active recreational spaces including new playgrounds

  • Upgrading associated park ancillary facilities, including car parking, pedestrian pathways, amenities building, bushland conservation

  • Staged redevelopment of the Epping Creative Centre to improve accessibility and provide more space.

Provide your feedback on the draft masterplan

All feedback received will be used to finalise the Masterplan, which will be provided to Council for their endorsement later this year.

For more information about the project and how to provide feedback, visit the Dence Park Masterplan page.

All feedback must be received before 5pm, Monday 4 November 2019.