26 Aug 2020

Public Exhibition of a Planning Proposal, draft site-specific Development Control Plan (DCP) and draft Planning Agreement for 18-40 Anderson Street, Parramatta

Public Exhibition of a Planning Proposal, draft site-specific Development Control Plan (DCP) and draft Planning Agreement for 18-40 Anderson Street, Parramatta

The City of Parramatta is publicly exhibiting a Planning Proposal, with its respective draft site-specific DCP and draft Planning Agreement, for land at 18-40 Anderson Street Parramatta.

This Planning Proposal seeks to amend the Parramatta Local Environmental Plan 2011 (PLEP2011) by:

  • Amend the zone in the Land Zoning Map (Sheet LZN_10) from B5 Business Development to B4 Mixed Use;
  • Amend the maximum building height in the Height of Buildings Map (Sheet HOB_10) from 14 metres to part 0 metres and part 120 metres (which equates to approximately 35 storeys);
  • Amend the maximum FSR in the Floor Space Ratio Map (Sheet FSR_10) from 4:1 to 6:1;
  • Add site-specific controls that provide for the following:
    • Requirement for a minimum 3:1 FSR for non-residential uses;
    • Requirement to demonstrate Jubilee Park is not overshadowed by development of the site;
    • Reduced car parking rates in line with the Parramatta CBD Strategic Transport Study; and
    • a high performing building floor space ratio bonus and dual piping within any new development;
  • Include provision of a satisfactory arrangements clause to enable levying for contributions towards the funding of State public infrastructure.

The draft site-specific DCP proposes detailed guidelines on public domain and landscaping, controls establishing building envelopes (including protection of solar access to Jubilee Park), vehicular access, and flooding.

The draft Planning Agreement is to enable Council to receive a monetary contribution towards public domain improvement works in the Parramatta CBD and to facilitate the land dedication and embellishment of a new park with connection to Jubilee Park to Council within the subject site.

Public Exhibition

The Planning proposal, draft DCP, draft Planning Agreement, and supporting information will be publicly exhibited from 26 August 2020 to 23 September 2020, and can be viewed at:

Council’s Customer Contact Centre – 126 Church Street, Parramatta, 2150 on Monday – Friday during 9:00am – 3:00pm

Submissions can be made during the exhibition period, via:

Emailjcoy@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au (please quote “RZ/4/2018” in the subject line).
Mail: City Planning, City of Parramatta Council, PO Box 32, Parramatta NSW 2124, Attention Joshua Coy (ref RZ/4/2018)

For further information, please contact Joshua Coy – Land Use Project Officer on 9806 5287.

Attachment list

  1. Planning Proposal – 18-40 Anderson St, Parramatta
    1.1 Urban Design Report (Update), Bates Smart (August 2020)
    1.2 Urban Design Report April 2018
    1.3 Preliminary Site Investigation
    1.4 Flood Impact Assessment
    1.5 Traffic Technical Note
    1.6 Economic Impact Assessment
    1.7 Civil Infrastructure Report
  2. Letter from DPIE on Gateway submission
  3. Gateway determination
  4. Council minutes and report - 11 February 2019
  5. Council minutes and report - 12 August 2019 
  6. Draft DCP
  7. Draft Planning Agreement
  8. Draft Planning Agreement (Simple English version)
  9. Council minutes and report - 13 July 2020