24 Jun 2019

Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy 2019-2023

The management of waste is an essential service and one that impacts communities worldwide in their day to day activities at work, at home, and in their neighbourhoods.

Like many areas across NSW, the City of Parramatta has been working with our community and our service providers to reduce waste generation and divert waste from landfill through reuse and recycling.

As at the end of last financial year, 72% of residential waste in the City of Parramatta LGA was diverted from landfill through a combination of the community recycling and processing practices of our contractors. Despite this, we still sent 19,000 tonnes of material to landfill.

Recent changes to international and state waste laws have meant that we are at a pivotal point of change, where we can turn these challenges into opportunities through new technologies and innovations.

Together with our stakeholders, Council has developed a Draft Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy to help set the direction for sustainable waste management incorporating the principles to;

  • Avoid and reduce waste
  • Improve reuse and recycling
  • Manage problem wastes better
  • Reduce litter
  • Reduce illegal dumping

Council is seeking your feedback on this Draft Strategy, to ensure that we have captured the ideas and priorities of our communities. In providing this feedback, please consider;

  • are there any additional issues that you feel should be addressed within this Strategy?
  • do you think that the targets outlined within this Strategy are achievable?
  • are there any key initiatives that you believe Council should be pursuing as a matter of priority?

Please send all feedback to waste@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au by 29 July 2019