Parramatta Light Rail - Have Your Say

Artists rendition of Parramatta Light Rail

Transport for NSW is finalising planning work for Stage 1 of the Parramatta Light Rail, with an Environmental Impact Statement due for public exhibition in August/September this year.

Parramatta deserves a world class light rail that is smart, innovative and employs global best practice. It’s not only about delivering a transport solution but creating healthy and connected communities.

Transport for NSW is the project owner and the upcoming public exhibition of the Environment Impact Statement is part of the State government’s approval process. The approval authority is the NSW Minister for Planning.

Best practice takes time and needs everyone’s input. Now is the time for residents, businesses, students and visitors to have their say on the opportunities and big issues.

Your voice can help shape our city

City of Parramatta Council wants to ensure that the project is delivered with community expectations in mind. We will be looking for the right solutions when it comes to light rail stop locations, impacts on our open space, heritage and overall design excellence. Parramatta Light Rail should complement and enhance our beautifully diverse CBD and neighbourhoods.

We look forward to working with the NSW Government to ensure that light rail creates green, liveable streets for Australia’s next great city.

The introduction of light rail to existing streets and neighbourhoods is complex and a best practice approach takes time to design.

We will be looking for the right solutions when it comes to light rail stop locations, the route, interface with our heritage, open space and overall design excellence.

City of Parramatta Council has engaged international experts Richez and Associates as advisors on the project to help ensure that Parramatta Light Rail is planned and designed with our local community at heart.

We should actively progress alternate sources to power that can offer a more environmentally sustainable future. This may include smart poles throughout our CBD, underground wiring in our historic streets and precincts and incorporating artwork.

What Council is doing

Council is working with Transport for NSW to advocate the best outcomes for our community. We want to ensure that the project is delivered with community expectations in mind.

Council will make a formal submission in response to the Environmental Impact Statement and we will continue to keep the community updated through our website, community newsletter Pulse and through our monthly e-newsletter. Click here for further project updates.


The route

Does the proposed light rail route take us to where we want to go?

Does it need to be extended or is it missing destinations?

How will community and business impacts be managed?

How will heritage and environmental impacts be managed?

Is the design innovative and best practice?

Stop locations

Are the stops in the right place?

Will they be easy to access by pedestrians and commuters?

Will the stops help people access universities, shops, entertainment etc.?

An integrated transport solution

How will light rail impact our city and its operation?

How will it affect cars and pedestrian movements?

How will it connect with Sydney Metro West and other transport modes such as heavy rail, buses and ferries?



What can you do?

The public exhibition of the Environmental Impact Statement is the primary way in which the community can have their say on the project by making formal submissions to the NSW Department of Environment and Planning.

This exhibition is expected to commence sometime in August/September this year and will include public information sessions at various locations along the route. Click here for dates and times about the sessions.

Your submissions should be directed to NSW Department of Planning and Environment during the exhibition period.

Council information and feedback

You can leave your feedback for Council at

Please note, this email address is not to be used to make an Environmental Impact Statement submission.