Changes in the CBD

Changes to our CBD are occurring as part of City of Parramatta Council's vision to create a vibrant business and cultural hub with more commercial and residential development to boost job creation and economic growth.

Significant change is happening in the CBD to make way for large scale infrastructure and development projects.

Parramatta Square

Footpaths on both sides of Smith Street have been reopened to assist the many commuters, visitors and workers in the Parramatta CBD.

Barriers are in place to ensure people use the designated pedestrian crossing on Darcy Street.

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Map - Changin driving and parking directions around civic place

More changes to come

City of Parramatta has a comprehensive information program in place to ensure people who work, live and visit Parramatta are informed about the changes.

Advertisements will be placed in local newspapers and e-newsletters will be sent to businesses and flyers will be distributed at car parks and library. Most importantly, City of Parramatta has arranged for Visitor Ambassadors to help people find their way across the city. We ask for your patience while we carry out this important work.