2019 Major Events Accommodation Partner Expression of Interest

The City of Parramatta is looking to appoint an annual Major Events Accommodation Partner across a selection of the City’s Major Events, for the 2019 and possibly 2020 event season. The City of Parramatta presents eight exciting and engaging Major Events throughout the season, all of which have recently experienced significant growth in attendance, media attention and coverage.

The City’s Major Events calendar presents a range of cultural, celebratory and significant events throughout the year and is looking to engage a suitable partner to help deliver high quality programming and unique experiences for our audiences.

Event Partners are sought to provide support to the City of Parramatta’s calendar of exciting and ever growing major events through a number of ways:

  • Providing an arranged in-kind accommodation to be utilised to deliver Council’s Events program during 2019 and possibly 2020. Refer to Appendix [B]* room requirements.
  • An agreed discounted room-night rate for additional accommodation requirements over and above the agreed annual partnership value.
  • Support the marketing campaign for the 2019 and possibly 2020 Parramatta Major Events season through its industry, marketing and social media channels.

Partners and Sponsors will receive benefits which will include some or all of the following:

  • Brand alignment with City of Parramatta’s event program, with increasing attendance of over 360,000 people each year and attracting growing media attention.
  • Brand alignment with City of Parramatta’s significant and growing arts and cultural program.
  • Social media posts on Discover Parramatta – one post per event for partnership, one additional post if involved in programming (this can be for promotion not related to an event, i.e. promotion of an accommodation offer or hotel event).  Currently at 6k likes, aim to grow to 15k in 2018.
  • Inclusion of logo on sponsorship signage, media walls at events
  • Logo to be used in all printed collateral as the “Accommodation Partner”. Distribution.
  • Logo on event websites, currently Parramatta Lanes, Winterlight, Australia Day and New Year’s Eve including link back to accommodation website / preferred URL.
  • Mention of Accommodation Partner in any relevant PR materials.
  • Logo included in press ads, $25,000 annual spend.
  • Inclusion in Discover Parramatta e-News (either within context of events or as a standalone post up to 4 x per year) – distribution of 6k, with aim to grow to 10k in 2018.
  • Total duplicated audience reach of over 23,223,485 through media and marketing collateral.
  • Opportunity for activation and VIP experience at events subject to availability and approvals.

Event media & marketing reach breakdown

  Reach Advertising Space Rate Publicity Value of Media Coverage
Australia Day 7,546,000 $5,571,593 $16,714,779
Parramatta Lanes 3,055,449 $136,093 $408,279
Winterlight 4,986,911 $758,920 $2,276,760
Loy Krathong 1,495,018 $316,376 $949,128
Lunar New Year 1,802,443 $88,835 $266,505
NAIDOC 1,248,695 $147,369 $442,107
Christmas in Parramatta 1,153,080 $93,124 $279,372
New Year's Eve 1,935,889 $348,772 $1,046,316
Total Reach 23,223,485    

Note: Figures calculated using media monitoring analysis conducted by iSentia

2019/20 Major Events Season

  1. Australia Day - 26 January 2019/20
  2. Lunar New Year - 17/18 February 2019/20
  3. Winterlight – July 2019/20 School Holidays
  4. Burramatta NAIDOC - 9/10 July 2019/20
  5. Parramatta Lanes - 10/11 - 13/14 October 2019/20
  6. Loy Krathong - 11/12 November 2019/20
  7. Christmas in Parramatta - 30/31 November 2019/20
  8. New Year’s Eve - 31 December 2019/20

Other City of Parramatta Events

  • Parramatta Artists Studios – 27/28 May 2019/20

For more information refer to Appendix [A] Major Events Portfolio

Selection criteria for all events

The selected accommodation partner will: 

  • Demonstrate strong commitment to the community and the positive development of City of Parramatta.
  • Have accommodation assets within Parramatta CBD.
  • Have involvement in supporting Major Events 2019/20 marketing campaign.
  • Provide value for money.

Every brand and event partnership presents a unique opportunity which can be tailored to suit partner’s objectives, targets and capacities.  Each opportunity will be considered for its unique benefits and suitability for each event.  Potential Accommodation Partners should consider their objectives in partnering with the City of Parramatta as well as their potential partnership capacity prior to making contact.

An appointment of an Accommodation Partner will be made for 12 months with the option to extend for a period of one year. The City of Parramatta may make direct approaches to potential partners or sponsors as a part of this expression of interest process. All proposals will be evaluated by a panel and an appointment will be made within 2 weeks after the closing date. The City of Parramatta reserves the right to proceed with any or all of the events mentioned above without appointing an event partner.

How to apply

All Expressions of Interest are to outline the following:

  • Provide your business portfolio
  • The objectives of the business in seeking event sponsorship
  • Submit list of rooms that can be accommodated and insert value (refer to room requirements document [appendix B])
  • How they meet the selection criteria as detailed above
  • Best contact details for further discussions

Potential Accommodation Partners should express their interest by contacting Katie James via email: kjames@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au

Applications close Friday 5 October 2018.