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Prioritisation Assessment Program

Council’s Prioritisation Assessment Program responds to an invitation from the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment to establish a program that prioritises the assessment and progression of development projects that will contribute significantly to the recovery of the City of Parramatta economy from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program focuses on redeploying Council assessment resources to progressing a small number of qualifying development applications and planning proposals to help bring forward key projects that are ready to commence and create investment certainty and confidence in the local economy. It is intended that only a small amount of key projects will be included in order for the program to properly focus on prioritising key proposals.

Program Benefits

The program provides applicants with the opportunity for early assessment, provision of feedback, review and determination of qualifying development applications and planning proposals.  Through the reprioritisation of Council’s existing resources it provides the certainty of early assessment to an established program and regular feedback on progress.  All relevant statutory and operational assessment processes will continue to be applied.

It enables the early progression of proposals that will deliver local employment opportunities in construction and in the longer term. It also supports investment in the local economy and the delivery of community infrastructure.

It provides for the continued growth of the City in accordance with established planning policies and enhances the attractiveness of the City of Parramatta as a place in which to do business and invest.

Who is Eligible?

The program is open to applicants for all current and future development applications and planning proposals that are assessed by Council.  Projects need to meet qualifying criteria based on the ability of the project to create jobs both during construction and once complete, provide investment in the local economy and community infrastructure, and be able to commence construction within six months if it’s a development application, or proceed to the development application phase within six months if it’s a rezoning.

Applications can be submitted for inclusion in the program at any time through the completion of the application form.  Advice for applicants is set out in the Operational Guidelines.


The program has been designed in liaison with Council’s Internal Ombudsman and the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.  All relevant planning and other legislative requirements will continue to be met during the assessment process.  Council’s community consultation processes will also continue to be applied in the normal manner.

Details of the operational processes of the program.

Prioritisation Assessment Program

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