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Application guidelines

How to prepare your DA

To enhance the quality of applications and reduce re-work on the applications please browse through the list of FAQ’s which might help in preparing the applications. Click on the link below to read the FAQ’s.

The following items need to be prepared and submitted for all development applications (DAs):

Digital copies

We require digital copies of applications, including plans and documentation. Files must be PDF formatted CD/ DVD and USB's and must not exceed 25MB in size.

A hard copy of the application form is required.

Statement of Environmental Effects

Any expected impact of the development on the environment, adjoining premises or the public, needs to be detailed in a Statement of Environmental Effects. It should also include a description of the current situation and the proposed development.

If the development has minor or no environmental impact, the statement may be included on the DA form.

While completing the Statement of Environmental Effects, care needs to be taken to address the 'Access Guidelines For Small Business' which can be accessed here.

Required fees

The City of Parramatta's schedule of fees and charges is available online.

In addition to the application fee, many applications also require payment of an advertising notification fee. Our Customer Contact Centre can provide advice on which fees apply to your DA.

Owner's consent

When lodging your DA you must submit a completed application form along with verified consent from all of the registered owners including details of the proposed development.

If a company owns the property, the company stamp or seal is required. If the building is subject to a strata scheme, the owners' corporation seal and authorised signatures are required.

Proposed development details include:

  • the existing use
  • operating hours
  • staff numbers
  • goods to be produced or stored
  • existing and proposed car spaces
  • loading facilities.


Hard copies are no longer required for a development lodgement. Please ensure a correctly formatted CD or USB is submitted with the required documents. Council will request the applicant to provide hard copies when required.

The required documents are:

  • urban context analysis showing the site in relationship to the surrounding urban area
  • a site plan showing the location of the proposed development within a building or within the locality, which should also identify the actual site, streets, adjoining properties and a north point
  • plans showing details of the proposed development in relation to adjoining premises and streets if applicable
  • the floor plan of the whole floor if the proposed development is only for part of a floor of a building
  • elevations showing the view of the development from all visible sides in relation to adjoining premises*
  • sections through appropriate areas of the site*
  • a clear distinction between alterations and additions – new work must be coloured
  • drawings that are to scale, normally at 1:100, and suitably numbered and dated
  • drawings folded to A4 size with the title block to the front
  • signage application information including plan and elevation details of the location, size and width of the sign, its height above ground, materials, colouring, text to be displayed including size of lettering, graphics, logo and illumination.

* Not required if no new work is proposed.

Estimated cost of works

In the case of construction or building work, the development application fee and development contributions is based on the estimated cost of development and the cost incurred if a contractor carries out the works. If demolition or land modification is required these cost must be included in the estimated value. The cost incurred does not apply to an owner-builder carrying out the works.