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Statement of Functions

Separation of Functions

As the City of Parramatta grows and changes, Council is working to create new developments on Council-owned sites that make the most of its assets and bring the very best of urban amenity to the community.

City of Parramatta's Property Development Group was established to oversee and leverage value and city-shaping opportunities for a range of these sites. The Property Development Group is unlocking the value and potential of places such as Parramatta Square, various car park sites and the Riverbank project. In turn, this will grow Council’s property and investment portfolio, contributing to Council’s long-term financial sustainability.

Council is committed to meeting the highest standards of probity and governance in all its dealings – and this is particularly important in this unique structure, whereby Council holds three roles: as a developer (through the Property Development Group), as a regulator and as a planning authority.

Separating the development function from Council's traditional regulatory and planning roles ensures transparent and commercially fair decision-making that, ultimately, achieves the best possible use of public resources and the highest-quality outcome for the community.


Any public enterprise’s governance and reporting framework must maintain a balance between operational efficiency and robust governance. In a public entity such as Council, the robustness of the governance structure and framework must also stand public scrutiny around both real and perceived governance issues.

Council has several policies in place that instil transparency and help to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest within its governance structures. These are:

  • the charter of Council’s Audit and Risk Committee
  • the Property Development and Investment Policy
  • the Property Development Group Governance Structure for Development on Council Land.

Real and perceived conflicts of interest

As the application of Council’s regulatory and planning roles on Property Development Group projects will benefit Council, it is essential to carefully and transparently manage the risks that will occur.

In undertaking work between the Property Development Group and other units in Council, Council and Property Development Group staff must:

  • maintain probity fundamentals
  • ensure and demonstrate clear separation of Council functions
  • ensure the Property Development Group and Council are a model developer and a model regulator
  • document decisions
  • not only do the right thing but be seen to do the right thing.

To this end, Council will always treat the Property Development Group as any other developer, no better no worse: -

  • the Property Development Group does not seek or allow or allow its commercial partners to seek changes to planning instruments that are outside the public strategy of Council, or any dispensation or advantage in certification, monitoring or inspection functions of Council
  • the Property Development Group does not take advantage of errors, omissions, or lack of knowledge.


Page last updated: 1/11/17