Advisory Committees

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The purpose of each Advisory Committee is to advise City of Parramatta on the views, needs and interests of particular communities in the Parramatta Local Government Area (LGA).

Committee Members drawn from the community have experience or expertise in the areas defined by their Committee of interest and commit themselves to Advisory Committee responsibilities.

Each Committee is subject to the Core Terms of Reference for all Advisory Committees, as well as a Terms of Reference specific to each Advisory Committee. Interested community members should read these and Council’s Code of Conduct prior to completing and submitting an Expression of Interest form.

Further submission details are provided in each Committee’s Expression of Interest Form.

Access Advisory Committee

The Access Advisory Committee’s purpose is to advise City of Parramatta on the access needs of people with physical disabilities and access issues associated with intellectual, sensory, aural, visual and psychological challenges. Membership of the Advisory Committee is voluntary and it is important that a broad range of people who have access issues associated with physical, intellectual, sensory, aural, visual and psychological challenges are represented.

More information

Tanya Owen
p: 9806 5599

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee was established in 1995 and advises Council on the issues, needs and priorities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The Committee collaborates with Council staff to develop strategies and actions to address these needs issues and priorities.

Membership is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living and or connected to Parramatta and to non Indigenous people individuals or representatives of local community organisations with a demonstrated commitment, sensitivity to, and understanding of issues relating to the local Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people.

Tarina Rubis
p: 02 9806 5082

Expressions of interest - Heritage Advisory Committee

The City of Parramatta Council is seeking expressions of interest from community members to join Council’s Heritage Advisory Committee.  Council currently has a number of vacancies on this Committee.

The Heritage Advisory Committee advises Council on various heritage matters of interest to the community; assists Council in the development of policies and strategies for the management of Parramatta's heritage and assists Council in the allocation of grants under the Local Heritage Fund. Meetings of the Committee are held every two months.

Expressions of Interests are being sought from people with a commitment, sensitivity and understanding of heritage issues in the Parramatta Local Government Area.  

Interested people should complete all sections of the Expression of Interest form, providing supporting information where requested.  Interested community members should read the Heritage Advisory Committee Terms of Reference, the Core Terms of Reference for all Advisory Committees and Council’s Code of Conduct prior to completing and submitting an Expression of Interest form.

All Expressions of Interest are to be received by 4:30 p.m. on 7 June 2019.

More information

Paul Kennedy
p: 02 9806 5093

Cycleways Advisory Committee

The Cycleways Advisory Committee provides advice to Council on strategic matters relating to cycling, as well as providing a forum for the community to give feedback or raise issues on cycling matters.  This includes best practice cycleway planning and design, as well as education and behaviour change strategies.

The Committee meetings are held bi-monthly and membership is open to engaged and interested residents within the City of Parramatta Local Government Area, as well as members of cycle clubs or Bike User Groups active in the area.

More information

Mark Crispin
p: (02) 9806 5632

Major Projects Advisory Committee

City of Parramatta has an established Major Projects Advisory Committee (MPAC) to assist with risk management and decision making in connection with Council’s significant property development activities involving Council owned or controlled land. Unlike other City of Parramatta Council Advisory Committees who are subject to a Core Terms of Reference, MPAC is an independent Advisory Committee that operates under its own designated Charter

The primary objective of the Committee is to provide independent assurance in relation to risk identification and mitigation, advice on all aspects of Council’s significant property development activities and assist Council in its decision making (as a property owner and not a statutory authority).

The current 3 members of the Committee come from diverse backgrounds and skills, and over 80 years of collective expertise in property development, quantity surveying and legal services related to significant property developments. Their experience includes advising on a diverse range of significant property development projects, such as:

  • Mixed-use, residential, commercial, industrial and retail developments
  • Key infrastructure projects including ports, bridges, roads and airport facilities as well as urban regeneration
  • Civil infrastructure, urban-regeneration, health, retail, commercial warehousing, business parks, prestige offices and residential developments
  • The acquisition, disposal and delivery of residential development projects through complex joint venture structures and project delivery agreements
  • Developing and implementing strategies to maximise returns from property portfolios and developments