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Digitising Heritage

Digital heritage 3d scan

Council has been looking at ways to make the City’s collection of fragile, rare and unique artefacts and their stories more accessible.

Using cutting-edge technology, heritage items from the City’s collection, and the collections of heritage partners, have been digitally scanned in 3-dimensions. The aim is to build our digital capabilities, experiment with 3D scanning technology, and promote Parramatta’s rich history.

Among the items scanned in the initial program are Mayoral regalia, a medal from the Juvenile Industrial Exhibition held in Parramatta Park in 1883, a cedar commode chest circa 1880 from Old Government House, a hand-powered vacuum cleaner from the Newington Armoury, and a military ration tin from the New South Wales Lancers Memorial Museum. Each of these items was selected because of their historical connection to the area and storytelling opportunity online.

If the scans prove popular, more items may be scanned over time.

You can view the scanned items in 3D and a 'behind the scenes' video here