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What We Do

We are working on a range of projects that involve research, data collection, data analysis and data visualisation to help build capacity and capability of the City to meet the challenges of the future.

  • Research: We are undertaking research. This includes running tests and trials, developing models and testing data solutions in a controlled way before applying our improved understanding to solve problems.
  • Data Collection and Management: We are collecting and managing data, in real-time where possible, to quantify the problem or the solution.
  • Data Visualisation and Analysis: We are analysing data to produce information in useful formats – whether it is a dashboard, map, or model.
  • Operational Capability: We are collecting, analysing and visualising data to help improve the efficiency of Council's operations.
  • Customer Experience: We are providing digital access to information and services tailored to meet customer needs. We aim to achieve this by enhancing the way people experience the city.

Future City Projects

To see what we are currently working on, go to the Future City Featured Projects page.