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Craft & DIY Online

As the library has been closed the staff have been busy making videos on various subjects, such as Story Time Online, A Taste of the Classics and many more.

However, other videos that seem to generate a lot of interest are the ones focused on crafting projects. Therefore, we decided to dedicate a page to crafts and other DIY videos.

Keep watching this page, as we will be regularly updating with more interesting projects.


Craft Videos

How to Create Dora, the Cardboard Fox

To coincide with the 2020 National Simultaneous Story Time (NSS), Praneeta and Snjezana demonstrate how to create Dora, a cardboard fox. Dora is a character from Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas.

Please note : Click here to watch Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas Story Time, commencing Wednesday 27 May 2020 at 11am!

Mother's Day Craft

Snjezana and Praneeta demonstrate how to create a Mother's Day card, using recycled material or items at home. 

How to Cover Books at Home

Elizabeth shows you how to cover a book yourself using easily sourced material.

How to Make a Braided Bookmark

Elizabeth takes you through the steps for how to make a bookmark.

How to Make a Heart Shape Bookmark

Watch as Elizabeth demonstrates how to make a simple heart-shaped bookmark from the comfort of your own home.

How to Make an ANZAC Lantern

To commemorate of ANZAC Day, Elizabeth shows you how to make a special lantern.

DIY Videos


Today we are going to do some fun experiments on density. Density is important because it affects whether objects will float or sink. It is time to explore and have some fun!

For more science resources click here.

How to Maintain Your Plants

Nancy offers tips and hints for how to maintain your pot plants at home.  

How to Create a CD Coaster

Ever wondered what to do with your old, scratched CDs/DVDs? Why not make a fun coaster with only a few materials. Sandra will take you through the simple steps for how to make one at home.

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