Family Science Day

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  • When: Saturday 19 August, 10am – 3pm 
  • Where: Parramatta Square and PHIVE
  • How much: The Parramatta Square activities are free-flowing and registrations are not required. The PHIVE activities require a ticket and have now sold out.
  • Contact: ; +61 (02) 9217 0222 

The City of Parramatta is proud to partner with Powerhouse to bring you Family Science Day, as part of the Sydney Science Festival. 

Family Science Day is coming back to Parramatta! Join us for an exciting and educational day of free family-friendly science workshops and activities as part of Sydney Science Festival. 

Family Science Day is taking place at PHIVE and Parramatta Square on Saturday 19 August between 10am – 3pm.

Note: The PHIVE activities require a ticket and have now sold out, but you are welcome to explore the program of exciting activities and performances in Parramatta Square. 

Family Science Day at Parramatta Square, 10am – 3pm 

Parramatta Square hosts a dynamic line-up of local scientists discussing the role science plays in the world alongside hands-on activities and interactive performances.

Here’s a taster of what you can experience on the day: 

Street Science

10am - 3pm
Meet the Street Science team and participate in hands-on activities. 

Vegetable Plot

11:15am, 1:30pm
Blending music, storytelling and laughter while fostering a food revolution for future generations.

Science Safari

Discover the fun side of physics and chemistry with live demonstrations including liquid nitrogen explosions, colourful chemical eruptions, carbon dioxide mini rockets, flying toilet paper, levitating beach balls and much more.

Sydney Water

Over 50,000 kilometres of pipes move water in and out of homes across Greater Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Illawarra each and every day. Learn about the urban water cycle, and what belongs in the bin, to avoid one of Sydney Water’s biggest challenges – chokes and blockages. 

WSU Solar Car

See Western Sydney University's game-changing solar car up close and witness the remarkable engineering achievement firsthand.

Robots and Rovers

Learn how small robots can be controlled using a visual coding language. Experience captivating demonstrations featuring a quarter-scale replica of NASA's 2011 Curiosity Mars Rover, meticulously built by the Powerhouse workshop team using open-source schematics from NASA.

Powerhouse Parramatta

Get an update on the progress of construction for Powerhouse Parramatta. Gain valuable insights into the project, which will deliver exclusive international exhibitions, education programs, and community initiatives, all set to captivate over 2 million visitors in its inaugural year.

University of Technology Sydney

Enjoy live demonstrations and experiments from UTS scientists and engineers. Meet Spot, a state-of-the art robotic dog, try out new robotic arm technology, get up close with microorganisms that inhabit the ocean and delve into quantum physics. 

Macquarie University

Take part in an engineering challenge and learn what it takes to make a bridge strong through building your own paper structure. Put on a headset and step into a virtual reality world of aerodynamics. View a space shuttle up close and learn about airflow. 


What is a nuclear reactor, a neutron beam, a synchrotron or a cyclotron? Meet scientists from Australia's Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation to find out. 

Australian National University

Create your own unique wellness zine through cutting, pasting, hacking, crafting, mapping, and layering. You will design your renewable energy futures in the style of a wellness EnergiZine, tailored for home, workplace and community spaces. 

University of New South Wales

Students from Sunswift Racing team display their solar car and discuss their design, racing program, clean energy transport solutions and other activities run by UNSW. 

MARCS Institute of Brain, Behaviour and Development

Prepare for a mind-boggling experience at our brain-tastic installation. Delve into the artful side of neurology and unlock the secrets of brain health. 


Look out for the Australian Wildlife Displays, slime-making workshops, LEGO and Duplo building areas, films on the big screen, face painting, table tennis and more! The activities in Parramatta Square are free and no registrations are required. 

The activities in Parramatta Square are free-flowing, no registrations are required. 

*SOLD OUT* Family Science Day at PHIVE, 10am – 3pm 

The City of Parramatta's community hub, PHIVE, hosts a dynamic line-up of local scientists discussing the role science plays in the world alongside hands-on activities and interactive performances.

Tickets have now sold out for the PHIVE activities for Family Science Day. 

Here’s a taster of what you can experience on the day: 

Meet a Scientist

Have questions on astronomy, health and medicine, climate change and environmental science? Ask scientists in this drop-in session.


Listen to authors and artists reading their stories about science, nature and the significance of the clean energy transition. Don't miss the opportunity to hear Bjorn Stormberg, a senior researcher from Australian National University and author of the children's book Amy's Balancing Act, as he shares his inspiring tale. 

Volunteer Discovery Stations

Volunteers will be operating discovery stations, offering a hands-on opportunity to explore stories from our collection. Whether your curiosity lies in space, the microscopic world, or the workings of our senses, these stations are the perfect place to start conversations. 

3D Printing

3D printing is a powerful tool contributing to scientific fields including sustainability, engineering and medical research. Design your own prototype using basic 3D modelling techniques and see a demonstration.

Sound Sandwich

Dive into the fascinating world of sound as you craft your own unique instrument using everyday objects.


Learn how to code with this pocket-sized computer.


See the Solar System and use a star map to see what the sky will look like on your birthday.

Rocket Demonstrations

Meet Powerhouse educators and talented Powerhouse workshop staff where you will learn about projectile motion. 

Street Science Stall

Meet the Street Science team and participate in hands-on activities.

Westmead Institute of Medical Research

View human cells up close using high-definition precision microscopes to look at slides that show different types of cells including white blood cells and cancer cells. There will be competitions to win a 'blood cell' plushy, plus an area to ‘dress like a scientist’ and learn how to use a pipette to create colourful art. 

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