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‘Heart of Play’ - A sporting and recreation network in North Parramatta

The City of Parramatta is undertaking a master planning process with the community that will provide the blueprint for an outdoor sporting and recreation network in North Parramatta.

Please visit this project page for the most up-to-date information.

The master planned area will include:

Doyle Ground
Dan Mahoney Reserve
Barton Park
Old Saleyards Reserve
PH Jeffrey Reserve
Sherwin Park
Corry Court

The aim of the masterplan is to create a network that: maximises the use of open space for the community; improves connections between these seven existing sites; provides enhanced community and recreation facilities; and decreases water use while increasing shade.

North Parramatta and the CBD are projected to house an additional 36,353 residents by 2036, who will need a collective backyard. It is crucial that Council plan for this growing community to ensure that everyone now and in the future can enjoy our precious open spaces.

The master plan will be guided by community consultation and needs.  We’d like to understand: 
-    How you currently use the 7 open spaces included in the master plan area (listed above)
-    What you would like to see preserved or changed within the masterplan area
-    What you would like to do in these open spaces in the future

Have Your Say on the Heart of Play

Thank you to everyone that had their say on the Heart of Play. Submissions were open from 29 June to 3 August 2020, and Council is currently reviewing community feedback. 

We asked you:

  • How you currently use the 7 open spaces included in the master plan area (listed above)?
  • What you would like to see preserved or changed within the master plan area?
  • What you would like to do in these open spaces in the future?

All future updates for the project will be posted here.

Please visit the site to stay up to date. You can also register to stay informed by emailing placeservices@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au

Dan Mahoney Reserve: Remediation + Future Use

One of the seven open spaces included in the master plan area is Dan Mahoney Reserve. Because it will be remediated and upgraded as a first priority due to asbestos contamination, we are asking for more detailed and specific feedback about this site.

In 2018, asbestos contamination was found beneath the surface of Dan Mahoney Reserve. Interim spot treatments are keeping the site safe in the short-term, however permanent treatment of the whole site, including an improved capping layer, is required to ensure the park stays safe long into the future. For further information about Dan Mahoney’s remediation, tap this link to visit the Council website’s dedicated page. 

 Planning for treatment of Dan Mahoney Reserve provides Council with an opportunity to re-design and upgrade the park to best meet the needs of our community.  

Community feedback will be considered together with the results from geotechnical and other investigations. These investigations will inform what can be built at Dan Mahoney Reserve and will ensure that any contamination present beneath the site cannot become exposed, and therefore cannot pose a risk to park users.

Register to stay informed and provide future input for this project by emailing your interest to Placeservices@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au. We will keep you updated as this project develops on this project page.

Council is committed to making sure everyone can access the information they need in a format that is right for them. If you would you like information supplied in another language or format, please call 02 9806 5050 or contact the project team at haveyoursay@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au

Last updated 7/8/20