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Barton Park / PH Jeffery Reserve

Following prior works to cap and improve the PH Jeffery Reserve playing field, Council has engaged suitably qualified contractors to carry our remediation and site improvement works at Barton Park and on the northern embankment at PH Jeffery Reserve.  The works will involve the construction of a new, improved cap over landfill materials present in the soils beneath these reserves, as well as making landscaping improvements to the area.
Barton Park and PH Jeffery Reserve operated as a landfill in the 1960’s, and had been identified as a site which may have received asbestos waste products from James Hardie industries.  Soil testing at the site has confirmed the presence of asbestos buried beneath the reserves.  These works will install an improved capping layer in areas requiring it, and will concurrently deliver a number of landscaping improvements.
Improvements will include :
Barton Park

  • The construction of several new pathways, including a pathway in front of existing parking on Gladstone Street, a new pathway adjacent to the Barton Park driveway, and a connecting pathway from this new path to the children’s playground;
  • Construction of sandstone block retaining walls which double as informal spectator seating areas;
  • Mulching around existing trees;
  • Construction of an informal parking / hardstand area

PH Jeffery Reserve

  • Capping of northern mound (adjacent to James Ruse Drive) and mulching around existing trees
  • Construction of a sandstone block retaining wall
  • Installation of rock scree capping in the western section of the mound area

In accordance with NSW Safework requirements, asbestos air quality monitoring will be carried out during all excavation works.  Workers will wear appropriate personal protective equipment. A site clearance inspection will be conducted and clearance given before remediated areas are reopened to the public.
One tree will need to be removed to allow pathway construction near the Gladstone street carparking area.  All other trees will be retained, and appropriate tree protections will be employed during the works.
The works are expected to take 10 weeks.  The works areas will be reopened to the public as works in each section are completed.

Site work hours will be:
Monday – Friday 7am to 5pm
Saturday 8am-5pm

Questions can be directed to Council’s Barton Park Project Team on 9806 5050