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Things to do

Loy Krathong presenters by the water

Australia’s second city. Food bowl of the colony. Geographical centre of Sydney. Aboriginal heritage site. However you describe Parramatta, it’s clear to see its importance to Sydney and, the more time you spend here, you’ll come to see the revolution that’s taking place. There’s also plenty of contemporary culture to pique your interest and centuries of heritage to wrap your head around.

Parramatta has so much on offer for all ages and interests including:

  • Arab Film Festival
  • Parramatta Artists Studios
  • Australia Day events and concerts
  • chess festivals
  • Local Farmers' Market
  • food festivals
  • the Golden Slipper Carnival
  • Lunar New Year festival
  • Parramasala - Australian Festival of South Asian Arts
  • school holiday activities
  • Riverside Theatres