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All Things Science

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All Things Science

City of Parramatta Libraries  provides a diverse range of digital content, catering to all ages and interests that people can experience from home or anywhere online.

The Library has teamed up with scientists, Western Sydney University, an Australian novelist and our library staff to provide events suitable for all ages from young children to adults to experience things that are science related.

Image of scientist looking into microscope

Citizen Scientists: Wombats, Turtles and more 

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Presented by Western Sydney University Citizen Science experts Associate Professor Julie Old and Associate Professor Ricky Spencer. Interviewed by Suzanne Micallef.
Learn how ordinary citizens can help our scientists with Citizen Science projects.

Image of a brain

Nine Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy As You Age 

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Researchers from the Western Sydney University MARCS AgeLab discuss a series of practical, evidence-based strategies you can use to keep your brain healthy as you age.  Physical, cognitive, and social aspects of brain health, the latest research findings, and how you can make changes for brain health at any stage of  life.

Image of a young child in graduation gown


A 30-minute recorded webinar as MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour & Development launched its new short communication checklist for Australian kids under 3! This checklist, the OZI-SF, asks parents to select which words their child says or understands.

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Abstract image of a child playing with a toy rocket

Story Time – 0 to 5 years olds 

This is an interactive story time session for children and their carers. Simple stories are a great way to introduce children to concepts such as science. The theme this year is Deep Blue. City of Parramatta Libraries has a number of great pictures books that can help children understand and explore this topic.

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Science week

Recommended Science Reads – 5 to 15 year olds

Looking for a way to engage children with science fiction, or trying to introduce your younger readers to the topic of science?
We have a range books that cover science and science fiction, in the areas of junior non fiction, graphic novels and junior fiction. 

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Little Bang On Demand

Little Bang Discovery Club – Preschool Children

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Introducing Little Bang Discovery on Demand! This series of four videos is presented by Wendy from Children's Discovery Museum. The program is designed to engage preschool children and their caregivers with simple science concepts and science experiments using materials from around your home. Give it a go, we know you'll love it!

You will need a few simple things from around the house to participate.

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A line of dominoes being knocked down

The Domino Effect - with Books 

Ever wondered how much energy books have? Watch this video to find out!

Watch the Childrens and Youth Services team at Parramatta Library celebrate National Science Week with an awesome display of the Domino Effect. You can even try this at home. 

All about kids science week

All About books - kids science edition

Don't forget to grab the latest copy of All About Books - kids which is a special Science Edition this month! Or online here.

All About SCIENCE Books 300 x 300

All About Science Books

We have put together a guide to inspire you to learn more and take part in all things science.

It's filled with trivia questions, citizen science projects and library resources to start your science journey.

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Science reference centre


Science Reference Centre

Need help how to search Science Reference Centre by using simple keyword search or Boolean search.? This video, will show you step by step how to use Science Reference Centre to download full text articles and learn the science experiments for school projects.   Science Reference Centre contains full text for hundreds of science magazines, journals, encyclopaedias, reference books and a vast collection of images.
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