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Excelsior Reserve project update

Excelsior Reserve Project update September 2020 – Excelsior Park Service Trail closed

Investigations undertaken at Excelsior Reserve, North Rocks in August 2020 have found asbestos containing material on a section of the embankment near the Service Trail.

The material was found underground and while air monitoring undertaken during the investigations showed there is no immediate risk to the public, Council will be taking precautionary measures to ensure the site remains safe.

Next steps

NSW Health advises that asbestos presents a risk when fibres become airborne and can be inhaled.

While there was no detection of airborne fibres during soil testing Council is taking specialist advice for interim and long-term remediation.

Council will close the service trail and cover the asbestos material as a precautionary measure. Until this work is completed, the temporary fencing will remain in place to ensure there is no potential for the site to be disturbed.

Map of Excelsior Reserve September 2020

Who can I contact for more information?

Contact Council’s Asbestos Project Team on 9806 5050 or