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Civic Program and Citizenship

Australia Day Awards Nomination

2022 Awards

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The 2022 City of Parramatta Australia Day Awards recognise the outstanding achievement and excellence of local community members and highlight the importance of service to the Australian nation.

Nominate a member of the community whose exemplary contribution is deserving of recognition. This could be a friend, family member, workmate or someone known who serves the community.

There are various reasons to nominate someone for an award, including achievements in: education, sports, arts and culture, volunteering, leadership, health and welfare, offering acts of kindness, or someone who has made major contributions within the Parramatta Local Government Area.

You can nominate for the below categories:

Note: The age of the nominee must fall into the applicable category as of 26 January 2022


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  • Four Types

    A person who has made a noteworthy contribution to the City of Parramatta in any of the below age groups.

    • Junior Citizen of the Year in honour of David Shakespeare OAM: 19 years and under
    • Young Adult Citizen of the Year: 20 – 39 years old
    • Adult Citizen of the Year: 40 – 59 years
    • Senior Citizen of the Year: 60 years and over
  • Group or Organisation

    A local group or organisation, which has provided an outstanding contribution to the City of Parramatta community. This includes projects and events.


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To enter, complete the online form below ensuring the submission outlines the nominee's background, achievements and reasons for nomination.

Submissions should address the Selection Criteria below. Participants should submit a minimum of 200-words, include supporting documents such as character references, contact details and one or more photographs. Applicable nominees will be contacted and provided the opportunity to submit further supporting information to be considered by the Judging Panel.

Please note: Information provided in the nomination submission, and by the nominee, may be included in the Australia Day Awards event program and media release.

Nominations close 5pm on Wednesday, 17 November 2021.

View the previous Australia Day Award recipients here


Selection Criteria (Back to top)

Selection Criteria
  • The Australia Day Awards Judging Panel select the winners of each category. The criteria used by the panel in the selection process include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Demonstrated commitment to the betterment of the community.
    • Undertaken activities that have a positive purpose, short and long-term benefits for others.
    • Shows vision and leadership.
    • Active in the community where the community benefits.
    • Showed outstanding achievement in a specific field e.g. academic, sporting, cultural, environmental, community engagement, leadership, or civic responsibility.
    • Impact of the activities of an individual or group on the community whether it be immediate or lasting.
    • The nominee is law abiding.
    • The nominee is a positive role model to others.
    • The nominee engages in community participation.
    • Personal, academic and professional achievements.
    • Other awards and nominations received.
    • Special achievements.

    Further that, consideration should be given to:

    • Nominations located in the Parramatta LGA, where the nominee also delivers the service to the City of Parramatta community.
    • Nominations of a volunteer nature, in kind service or contribution, not in a paid capacity.
    • Nominees must be an Australian Citizen or permanent resident.
    • Nominees must reside, work or study in the City of Parramatta Local Government Area. If residing out of the area, the service provided must largely contribute or significantly benefit the City of Parramatta Local Government Area.
    • Community groups and projects must have been held and largely contribute or significantly benefit the City of Parramatta Local Government Area.
    • Awards will not be granted posthumously.
    • Sitting local, state and federal politicians are not eligible nor immediately after leaving office.
    • No weight is given to the number of times a person is nominated.
    • All individual nominees will be considered for the relevant Citizen of the Year Award.
  • Conditions of Entry
    • Entry in these awards is open to all persons who reside, work or study in the City of Parramatta Local Government Area and who are an Australian Citizen or permanent resident at the time of nomination.
    • Entry in the Community Group Award is open to all community groups based and operating in the City of Parramatta.
    • Nominations must be submitted via the official form.
    • Nominations may be made as an individual, couple, partnership, family or organisation.
    • You can nominate more than one group or individual, but a separate form must be used for each nomination.
    • Individuals cannot self-nominate.
    • Community groups may self-nominate.
    • All nomination information and materials submitted remain the property of the City of Parramatta Council.
    • The judging panel has the right to vary the category if a different category is deemed more appropriate.
    • Past award recipients will not be considered in the same category again.
    • The judging committee’s decision is final.

Please use the online form below for direct and convenient submission.

For more information, please phone 9806 5000 or email


2022 Australia Day Awards Nomination

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Residential Address (Parent/Guardian details if under 18 years of age)
Nominator's Residential Address
In at least 200 words outline the nominee’s background, achievements and reasons for nomination by addressing a selection criteria.
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