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Crime Prevention and Safety

Draft Crime Prevention Plan 2019-2023

Reducing and preventing crime and keeping our community safe are key priorities for the City of Parramatta. Council is seeking community input to build a safer Parramatta for all and invites feedback on the Draft Crime Prevention Plan 2019-2023.

The draft plan outlines ways that Council and its partners can continue to contribute to a liveable and safe Parramatta and proposes to deliver preventative action on crime and safety under four areas:

  • Reducing crime and antisocial behaviour
  • Addressing the needs of identified vulnerable groups
  • Improving the look and feel of public spaces in the CBD and neighbourhoods
  • Increasing a sense of attachment and community involvement in our neighbourhoods.

The draft plan acknowledges that people in Parramatta have diverse needs, expectations and experiences around what crime and safety means to them. 

Through Council’s community services and programs, and partnerships with other organisations, the plan identifies ways to support diverse groups and vulnerable communities including women, young people, people experiencing homelessness, social housing tenants, people with disabilities and the elderly. 

The draft plan offers 75 key actions, combining new and existing initiatives such as improved street lighting, street cleaning, closed circuit television, building and maintaining parks and green spaces, waste and graffiti removal services and development assessments and strategic planning with crime prevention in mind. 

It also aims to bring people together by fostering a sense of community and inclusiveness around crime prevention and safety measures.

The Draft Crime Prevention Plan 2019-2023 has been developed through initial research and collaborative work with partners, stakeholders and community groups. Council is now seeking feedback on the draft plan from the wider community, including support for the proposed actions and comments on potential gaps.

Council will consider suggestions from the community for additional actions to be included in the plan or in other community safety initiatives.

Submissions are now closed, thank you to everyone that provided feedback on the Draft Crime Prevention Plan. To stay updated on the project please visit Council’s community engagement portal where you can also read the full draft plan or a summary of the draft plan.

Summaries are available in Arabic, English, Hindi, Korean and Simplified Chinese.

For more information, contact Council on (02) 9806 5050 or the Crime Prevention Team on (02) 9806 5866.

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