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Paint Parra REaD

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Paint Parra REaD (PPR) is an early literacy program for 0-5-year-olds that promotes the importance of reading, talking, singing and rhyming with children from birth. The initiative originates from Paint the Town REaD and is a partnership between the City of Parramatta Council and the Community Migrant Resource Centre (CMRC).  

Paint the Town REaD is licensed by Rhonda Brain under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

Who is Redsee the Readasaurus?   

Who is Redsee the Readausaurus?

Redsee the Readasaurus is the Paint Parra REaD reading mascot. Redsee loves to: 

  • Read every day
  • Visit the library
  • Join events to encourage children to read, talk, sing and rhyme!

4 steps to get your child school ready 

Image of two young children walking to school in their uniforms

Parents and carers can help their children develop early literacy skills to prepare them for school. Research shows that children who enter school with early skills (like reading and writing) are more likely than their peers to experience later academic skills, attain higher levels of education, and secure employment.

1. Read

Image of a mother and daughter reading


  • Read every day, in any language. If you don’t feel comfortable reading, create your own stories using pictures in a book or photos.
  • Sign your child up for library membership. Having their own library card provides them with a sense of independence and allows them to borrow books so they can start their reading journey.
  • Away from home? Pack books to read with your children.
  • Set up a night time reading routine. Remember, it’s OK to read the same books over and over.
  • Register your child for the 1000 Books Before School program. Read with your child and have them read to you. Log the books they have read for rewards!

2. Talk

Image of parents holding their baby child


  • Use your eyes, voice and actions when talking to your child/children.
  • When reading stories or watching films, ask your child questions to engage them in the content.
  • Take the time to talk to your children about their day – their trip to the supermarket, the park, the playgroup.
  • Encourage your child to meet with, and talk to, other children.
  • Read to your children in your mother language. Learning your language will help your children to communicate with their family back home. 

3. Sing

Image of mother holding her toddler child, both smiling


  • Participate in Story Time Online – a series of engaging videos presented by City of Parramatta Libraries’ Children’s and Youth Services Team.
  • Sing and share music with your child every day. Don’t be afraid to act silly. Have fun!
  • Join a local playgroup for singing, rhymes and stories.
  • Check out YouTube for videos featuring children’s songs such as Jbrary and ABC Kids
  • Sing songs to your children that you were sung to when you were a child. 

4. Rhyme

Image of parents playing with their toddler child


  • Borrow rhyming books and books with nursery rhymes from the library to help your child recognise rhymes and rhyming words.
  • Reinforce rhymes by working through activities and watching videos with your child. Try a selection of these from ABC Education
  • Create your own mix and match rhyming word cards – a fun literacy activity to play with your child.
  • Take a look at Playgroup NSW’s 5 benefits of using nursery rhymes with your child

Paint Parra REaD Annual Reading Day

The Paint Parra REaD Annual Reading Day is an outdoor community event, held every year on the second Wednesday in September.

Paint Parra REaD is a free event a hosted by City of Parramatta Council celebrating the importance of reading, talking, singing and rhyming with children from birth with a special guest appearance by Redsee the Readasaurus.

2020 Paint Parra REaD Annual Reading Day Online

The 2020 Paint Parra REaD Annual Reading Day was held on Wednesday 9 September, hosted online by City of Parramatta Library staff and Redsee the Readasaurus. Special guest readings by Australian Children’s Laureate, Ursula Dubosarsky and representatives from NSW Police and Fire & Rescue NSW.

Host your own Paint Parra REaD Annual Reading Day 2020

Are you a childcare centre or playgroup? Help us Paint Parra REaD by hosting your own early literacy themed annual reading day this September! Some of the things you could do to participate include:

  • Decorate your centre in red
  • Ask everyone to wear red on the day
  • Remind parents and carers to read to their children every day
  • Read, talk, sing and rhyme to children

We would love to receive your photos and feedback: parralib@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au

How to borrow the Redsee the Readasaurus suit

Redsee the Readasaurus can be borrowed for free by any community group, educational institution or government body to promote early literacy and the importance of reading to children. For more information on how to borrow Redsee and to book, contact City of Parramatta Libraries

Help us to Paint Parra REaD and give your children a great start!

Paint Parra REaD is a partnership between the City of Parramatta Council and Community Migrant Resource Centre