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Parramatch 2020

a group of 15 people of multiple cultures standing in a circle extending their hands inwards looking up at the camera

The City of Parramatta is helping five local not-for-profits raise money for their community projects by supporting them to run a crowdfunding campaign through the Parramatch program.

Crowdfunding is a unique way of raising funds by asking the community to support a specific project. It operates by getting small amounts of money from lots of people who love the project as a way to make it happen.

If there is a project that you want to support, you can make a pledge today. You pledge the amount you wish to contribute, and the transaction will process only when the fundraising target has been reached.  Organisations will only receive the funds if enough money has been pledged to reach their fundraising targets. This ensures that only projects with enough community support will receive the funding, and provides you with the security of knowing that the project you have made a pledge to will definitely proceed.

Council will initially provide $1,000 to each campaign, and an additional $500 if the organisation attracts 25 individual supporters. We were inspired by these organisations, and if we can see that the community is passionate about these projects too, we want to help them reach their target sooner.

Check out five projects that are part of Parramatch and see which ones inspire you.

The Parramatch 2020 organisations and projects you can make a pledge to are listed below:

Cycling Without Age

Organisation: Cycling Without Age – Australia Incorporated
Project: Cycling Without Age: Parramatta Chapter
Fundraising goal: $12,000

The Cycling Without Age (CWA) organisation offers free rides on trishaw ebikes to elderly and/or disabled community members who can no longer ride a bicycle themselves.

This program will allow people to enjoy some time outdoors on a bike and feel connected to their local environment where it would otherwise not be possible.

Your support will help to fund:

1. Final payment of the arrival of a Trishaw being delivered in January 2021 from Denmark. 

2. Staying safe. Additional protective equipment is required to keep passengers and riders safe during COVID-19.

Parramatta Women’s Shelter

Organisation: Parramatta Women’s Shelter
Project: ParraOutreach
Fundraising goal: $10,000

Parramatta Women’s Shelter’s vision is a future free from domestic and family violence, gender-based discrimination and homelessness. They want to inspire, empower, and support change for vulnerable families in our local community. Many of their clients are escaping domestic violence and / or homelessness and often have complex needs. ParraOutreach ensures these women and their children are supported every step in this journey, from emotional support and wellbeing to practical assistance.

The funds that are raised will be used to increase the number of working hours of our part-time caseworkers to provide more case management and outreach support to clients in transitional housing including: assistance with housing applications, Victim's Services Counselling, immigration support, referrals, liaising with schools, financial counselling and assistance, court support for criminal or law proceedings and general appointments.


Organisation: Florapeutic
Project: Mindful Break
Fundraising goal: $5,000

Florapeutic is a newly established social enterprise in North Parramatta with a focus on rescuing fresh flowers used in events that are otherwise wasted, and repurposing these flowers to therapeutic products and services.

The Mindful Break project is a therapeutic flower-arranging workshop, which embraces the practice of mindfulness while using the repurposed flowers. Mindful Break primarily benefits individuals in nursing homes and hospitals where many suffer from depression and social isolation. These workshops can be delivered via video conferencing where COVID-19 restrictions apply to vulnerable groups.

This service also is planned to be extended to a wider range of audiences within the City of Parramatta in the near future.

Turbans 4 Australia

Organisation: Turbans 4 Australia
Project: Sports 4 all  
Fundraising goal: $13,000

The Sports 4 All project will help ease the financial burden on members of the community looking to participate in sport by sponsoring sporting games and activities held in the Parramatta Local Government Area.

The program will also aim to help young community members who are experiencing hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, including those who have been disproportionately affected due to their race, visa status, education, language/cultural barriers, lack of family support, financial standing, mental well-being, or otherwise. Sports 4 All will provide assistance to all these people to help them get more involved in community sports which will provide a sense of Australian sporting culture and values.


Parramatta Mission

Organisation: Parramatta Mission
Project: The Second Chance Project - Parramatta Mission’s Online Opportunity Shop
Fundraising goal: $15,000

Parramatta Mission and Thread Harvest have come together to create the Second Chance Partnership, a way to gather clothing, shoes, and accessories to sell on an online op-shop. Thread Harvest brings the knowledge and the experience in the online retail space, along with their fulfilment partner, Avenue Co-Working who provide meaningful work for people with disabilities.

The pre-loved clothing that the community donates to Parramatta Mission will be sent to Thread Harvest, where the clothes will be sorted, washed, and tagged. Thread Harvest will then upload and sell your pre-loved clothing online. 50% of the profit comes back to Parramatta Mission, enabling them to continue serving the Parramatta community. It’s a full circle process.