The City of Parramatta's Innovation team within City Strategy is progressing a Parramatta Square Customer Experience project, seeking to enhance and innovate Square public domain through the integration of data, technology, and stakeholder collaboration. Students, workers, start-ups and local businesses can come together in a physical space (PHIVE) to create, collaborate and experiment  with technology. 

The pop-up will be visible to the public domain within the square and aims to invite the community into the space to work, play or host an event. The multi-functional space will accommodate a range of  uses (such as co-working, workshops, talks, meet-ups, and events) to foster greater digital access and collaboration.

Launch Pad drop in sessions:
Monday design-drop in
Tuesday Laser Scanner drop-in
Wednesday 3D printing drop-in
Thursday media drop-in
Friday AR/VR drop-in

Launch Pad evening workshops:
Speed pitching
Meet the entrepreneurs
Funding & grants
Social media for business
AI for business  

AIEA workshops:
Spatial Canvas: Crafting Your Hometown in 3D with Virtual Reality
Virtual Storytelling: Crafting 3D Animations in Virtual Reality 
Dream to Reality: Making 3D Virtual Worlds with Artificial Intelligence

NOTE: Bookable will be used for workshop attendance.

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09:00am - 05:00pm
5 Parramatta Square, Parramatta, NSW 2150