Seniors Festival 2023 -Ballroom Dancing

Dancing has numerous health benefits, easing your movements, improving your balance and strength. Get fit and healthy the easy way doing something you love while connecting with other people.

Ryan Herbert Profile
For Move With Me Owner Ryan Herbert, dancing was a late in life discovery. Whilst studying Psychology (UWS) & attaining full certification as a Personal Trainer (ACPE), he also decided to broaden his skillset and take up ballroom dancing.
After completing his studies, Ryan received an employment opportunity at one of the most widely recognised international ballroom dance franchises. He was given the opportunity to teach hundreds of people, ranging in difficulty level and dance styles. Ryan was able to perform, compete and train with industry legends. It was here that he found his own niche as an instructor, combining humour and precision to help make dance more accessible.
Ryan was recently awarded American Smooth & Rhythm's top honour: ASDAC TOP TEACHER 2019
Come join Ryan Herbert from Move with Me Dance Studio to celebrate Seniors Week.

Community & Civic, Phive
10:00am - 11:00am
5 Parramatta Square