Seniors Festival 2023 -Bollywood Dance

South Indian & Bollywood, the Indian Hollywood, is a musical drama presented on a big TV screen. It is all about colourful,vibrant and dramatic form of performance including acting and dancing. Indian Cinema dance is a fun dynamic class, learning popular hits, improving rhythm and musicality, perfecting routines and staying connected to Indian culture.
Janani Beadle (Intructor) profile
Janani Beadle, the founder of the Indian Dance School & Get Fit Janani has continuously provided a platform to share a passion for dance, collectively grow, develop skills, form healthy habits and exercise together. She has a background in Business Accounting, over 30 years years of various dance experiences and  25 years of teaching experience.

Community & Civic, Phive
11:30am - 12:30pm
5 Parramatta Square