Cox Park Masterplan

The City of Parramatta has undertaken to develop a masterplan for Cox Park, Carlingford. This will be the first time a masterplan has been drafted for this park. It is hoped that by identifying and understanding the current issues associated with the park, a masterplan can be developed which sets out and prioritises beneficial upgrades and provides an exciting new vision for Cox Park.

Analysis and consultation has been undertaken, including desktop studies, meetings with Council officers and Cox Park Committee, and a community workshop attended by local residents and park users.

A number of issues emerged from this analysis, particularly from the community workshop. These included:

  • insufficient car parking
  • poor drainage and grading of sportsfields
  • amenities building requires attention
  • lack of formal spectator seating
  • poor access from carpark to fields
  • playground poorly located.

In addition to this, a number of upgrades or new facilities had already been raised by users and the park committee and discussed with council. These included:

  • new concrete circuit path around the park perimeter
  • addition of an outdoor gym or fitness equipment
  • improvements to general access
  • new cricket training nets
  • increased parking capacity
  • upgrade to amenities building/new clubhouse.

Through this, a number of key design principles were developed, providing a framework for the masterplan. These included making the best use of land available to provide a safe and accessible facility for the enjoyment of the community, as well as maximising recreational opportunities while protecting environmental and cultural values. These principles also covered areas such as car parking requirements and water sensitive urban design.

The Masterplan

A draft masterplan has been developed, taking into consideration the above consultation findings and masterplan principles. Some of the key features of the masterplan include:

  • new circuit path and fitness stations
  • stormwater run-off swale
  • relocated amenities building with integrated terraced seating
  • regraded sportsfields
  • new cricket nets for training
  • relocated and upgraded playground
  • 2 x passive picnic zones
  • improved pedestrian links and access
  • increased sports storage
  • extended car park with increased capacity.

Project Staging

An implementation / action plan has been developed based on council’s priorities and feedback that was collected during the community consultation. The various elements have been broken up into minor short term works (including high priorities), and major long term works.

Minor Works - Short Term

  • Refurbishment of existing amenities building
  • Regrade sportsfields
  • New playground
  • Improved access from car park
  • Circuit path for walking/running
  • Outdoor fitness stations
  • Existing terraced seating to be improved.

Major Works - Long Term

  • Extend carpark to increase capacity
  • New amenities building
  • Increased terraced spectator seating
  • Increased storage for sports users
  • Passive picnic area adjacent to playground.

Click here to download the full Cox Park Masterplan.