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Ferry heading down the river.

Our waterways are home to a wide variety of plants and animals and have been a major source of recreation for residents and visitors to our area.

Human activity such as development, pollution and stormwater runoff, all have an impact on the health of our waterways and we all need to play a part in the sustainability of our waterways.

City of Parramatta has developed a waterways strategy called 'Rivers of Opportunity' that sets out our goals and the actions. Our focus is to maintain the natural structures and ecological processes that are essential for the functioning of healthy waterways and meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Our vision is to have clean waterways where:

  • residents can use the creeks as a place of relaxation and enjoyment
  • visitors come to appreciate the beauty of the Parramatta River
  • weeds are effectively managed
  • birds and other wildlife are seen along the banks
  • there is evidence that native fish are returning to the river
  • people participate and engage in the issues, solutions and have a connection and ownership of our waterways.

Environmental Improvement Program

Four main streams of City of Parramatta's Environmental Improvement Program includes:

  1. Stormwater management: to improve water quality through actions such as the construction of pollution control devices, source controls such as education and enforcement, and the review and improvement of strategic and statutory plans

  2. Floodplain management: to ensure the impacts of flooding on the community are minimised. This includes capital works, planning controls and community education

  3. Healthy waterways: to enhance and rehabilitate the waterways corridor by implementing actions such as bank stabilisation, re-vegetation and improvement to fish habitat

  4. Sustainable water: to reduce, reuse and conserve water.