Updated Pesticide Use and Notification Plan 2018

City of Parramatta has prepared a draft update to the Pesticide Use and Notification Plan. This update will ensure the ongoing responsible use of pesticides on Council land and make sure the community is notified in a timely manner.

This policy update has been informed by the State Government’s Pesticide Regulation 2017 which outlines:

  • persons qualified to use pesticides
  • record management in relation to the use of pesticides
  • the timeframes in which to deliver communications to the community about pesticide use
  • the content required in communications to keep the community informed.

About Pesticide Use

Council uses pesticides in public spaces to ensure community parks, playgrounds, sporting fields, nature strips, council buildings and surrounds are well maintained. Pesticides are used to eliminate weeds and prevent damage from pests such as insects and rodents. This activity makes sure public spaces are safe.

Council is committed to ensuring that pesticide use is justified and that pesticides with the lowest toxicity are applied to achieve the desired outcome.

About the Draft Pesticide Use and Notification Plan 2018

The plan identifies:

  • the types of public spaces where pesticides may be used
  • how and when Council will provide the community with information about pesticide applications
  • what information Council is obligated to provide the community.

Understanding the plan and Council’s proposed methods of communicating where and when pesticides will be applied to a public space will allow people to avoid exposure to or contact with pesticides.