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Waste and Recycling in Apartments and Townhouses

Waste and Recycling in Apartments and Townhouses

Waste and Recycling in Apartments and Townhouses

More than 55% of City of Parramatta residents live in townhouses or apartments.

Waste and recycling systems in these types of developments can vary considerably depending on the size and age of the building, meaning it can sometimes be confusing for residents to know how to manage their waste.

To help with this, Council offers a range of free resources designed to help increase awareness on how to correctly dispose of waste and recycling in multi-dwelling complexes.  For more information or to request a copy of these materials, please email us at waste@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au or call 02 9806 5544. 

 No matter what the size or age or your complex, or the type of service you have, here are a few simple reminders to help keep your waste and recycling systems working and keep your street clean. 

  • Furniture, appliances, boxes, and other bulky wastes must not be left on the street, this is illegal. To check how these wastes are managed in your building, speak with your Building Manager or Strata.
  • Recyclables should be placed in recycling bins or chutes loose, not in plastic bags.  Plastic bags and other soft plastics contaminate recycling and can damage sorting machinery at the receiving facility.

Electronic wastes and batteries should not be placed in your general waste bins.  These items can cause trucks to catch fire and should be disposed of via a dedicated e-waste bin or through our mobile collection service.

How you Can Help

It can be difficult to manage waste in town houses and apartments. Here are some things you can do to make your building a better place to be:

  • Talk to your neighbours, a smile and some friendly tips can go a long way;
  • Contact Council for resources to help raise awareness in your building or complex.

Report illegal dumping at Dob in a Dumper.