Image of man in wheelchair using the gym

Equal access for the community

All visitors to the PAC will have equal access. Ensuring accessibility to the facility has been key in our planning process and we look forward to welcoming every member of the community to enjoy this wonderful new facility.

Some of the key accessibility features that have been incorporated in the facility’s design include:

  • Universally accessible change facilities for people of all ages and abilities
  • Accessible lift and ramps to all indoor and outdoor areas
  • Ramps in 50m and 25m pools
  • Beach-style, zero-depth entry in the water play zone
  • Open plan gym floor with accessible changing facilities and equipment

Sensory-processing sensitivity quiet space

The Parramatta Aquatic Centre (PAC) is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive environment for everyone.

Autism Spectrum Australia estimates more than 300,000 (or 1 in 70) Australians are on the autism spectrum.

Being responsive to community needs, PAC aims to ensure members and guests who may experience sensory sensitivity (or sensory overload) feel prepared and informed before attending our facility.

While it is the general nature of a leisure facility to be loud, bright, and buzzing with active community members, PAC has explored ways to offer quiet spaces for those who seek a retreat from the excitement of the facility.

PAC has allocated quiet spaces as an important first step in raising awareness and creating a more inclusive facility. 

Please contact staff in the event you need support or help to locate an appropriate space for your needs. 

We would welcome and appreciate your feedback.