Acknowledging our Traditional Owners

gunggung badu splash play

Gunggung Badu, Splash Play

PAC is built upon the land of the Dharug people, the Traditional Owners of this area. In acknowledgement of this long and continuing sovereignty, ten spaces at the PAC have been chosen to have dual names – an English name and a Dharug name.

These names were selected in consultation with Dharug language knowledge holders and confirmed after a process of community engagement.

Wayfinding signage will reflect both names where possible. The Dharug names seek to connect to the purpose of each space or the surrounding features of the space and provide an opportunity for our community to learn Dharug language.

English Name
Dual Name Translation
Studio 1 Guman Ngurang Casurina room
Studio 2 Barra Ngurang Eel room
Studio 3 Yanada Ngurang Moon room
Community Room Baraba Ngurang Bullrush room
25m Pool Budi Badu Swimming pool
Spa, Steam and Sauna Budyari Badu Good water
Program Pool Gulyangarri Badu Children's pool
Activity Room Dyanmila Ngurang Play place
Splash Play Area Gunggung Badu Frog pool
Creche Service Gurang Ngurang Infants' place

Dual naming approach

Dual naming is a convention where First Nations languages and place names can sit along side the more commonly known English language. The inclusion of dual naming within PAC was worked through with a wayfinding specialist to confirm how this is best reflected in the signage.

  • For the purpose of signage and wayfinding, the English name will be primary.
  • Wherever possible, the Dharug name is incorporated into signage and on nameplates for the spaces.
  • The English translation of the Dharug names is incorporated into name plates and interpretative panels.

Overall, 10 spaces or pools in the new facility have been selected to have a dual name. The proposed names are in addition to the names noted and endorsed at the 11 July 2022 meeting, namely the Kevin Hession Stand and the Memorial Pool (50m pool).