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Getting Started

Welcome to the Parramatta Aquatic Centre (PAC), your destination for fitness and wellness. As a member, you enjoy privileged access to our state-of-the-art facilities and resources designed to cater to diverse fitness activities and goals. Here's a simple guide to help you enter the facility and start your workout.

Remember, our friendly staff are always on hand to assist and answer any questions you may have. Enjoy your workout at the PAC!

Welcome to the PAC, where we strive to create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all our members. We ask that you adhere to the following conditions of use and general etiquette to ensure a positive experience for everyone. 

If you need help, have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to ask our staff. They're here to make your experience at the PAC the best it can be.

View full terms and conditions of entry here

Respect Others: Respect for all participants regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background, or religion. The PAC is an inclusive environment and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Please maintain appropriate and respectful behaviour at all times. Gym users are expected to work in with others sharing equipment and are asked to be reasonable with their use of cardio equipment during busy periods.

Towel Use: For hygiene reasons, we ask that you bring a towel to every workout and place it on the equipment during use. Wiping down equipment after use with disinfectant wipes provided is also mandatory to help maintain cleanliness and safety.

Correct Clothing: Appropriate workout attire is required at all times. In the gym, this includes a workout shirt or top, shorts or pants, and closed-toe athletic shoes. In the swimming pools, appropriate swimwear is required. No jeans, work shoes, or inappropriate attire will be permitted.

Safe Use of Equipment: Always use the fitness equipment correctly and safely. If you are unsure about how to use a piece of equipment, please ask a staff member for assistance.

Return Equipment: After using weights or any other fitness equipment, please return them to their designated areas. This helps keep the gym tidy and makes it easier for the next person to find what they need.

Personal Belongings: Personal items should be stored in the lockers provided. The PAC is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please remember to take your belongings with you when you leave. Keep walkways and equipment access areas clear of gear and equipment you need for your workout.

No Food or Drink: No food or drinks, other than water, are allowed in the gym or pool areas. This does not include dedicated café seating areas. 

Get the most out of your membership at the PAC by downloading our facility fitness app ‘myPACfitness’. This app will be your membership access card (via QR) the facilities, the place to book into classes, a way to track your workouts and more all in the palm of your hand!

Available on both iOS and Android devices.

Download it now:

*An additional members app will be available on opening which will have programs and/or will allow advanced functions of the equipment including rep counting tracking of weight and range of motion. Stay tuned! 

Gym inductions are available to book when you need more individual support from our fitness professionals. While these sessions are not as in depth as a personal training session would be they are a great way to find a routine that is right for you. 

Before heading to the PAC, plan your workout for the day, you can either head to the gym, the swimming pool, or the group exercise classes. If you're unsure about what to do, our staff can provide you with workout suggestions and inform you about ongoing classes or pool availability.

Arrival: Entry to the Health and Wellness facility is through both the eastern and western entrance to the centre. Parking is available on the western side of the centre, or when full use the councils Hunter Street carpark. Unless you have opted to receive a ‘no parking discount’ members receive 2 hours free parking.

Check-In: Upon arrival, please proceed to the main reception desk if you need support otherwise you can go directly to the health and wellness facility gates and use the members app to open the gates.

Locker Rooms: Once you've checked in, head to the locker rooms. These are conveniently located throughout the centre to store your belongings while you train. It is advised that you leave valuables at home when coming for a workout, but if you do need to bring them, ensure they are securely locked away. The PAC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Gym: Our state-of-the-art gym is equipped with a wide range of fitness equipment. Whether you're interested in cardio, strength training, or flexibility exercises, you'll find what you need here. A full breakdown of the equipment available can be found here

Starting out in the gym: Starting your fitness journey requires a slow and steady approach to allow your body to adjust to new physical demands and prevent injuries. A balanced routine of resistance and cardio training is helpful for most people, with both offering unique benefits. Resistance training strengthens muscles and bones, improves balance, and boosts metabolism, while cardio enhances heart health and aids in weight management. Starting with two days a week of a combination of these exercises is ideal.

Remember, the goal is to reach your fitness objectives safely and effectively, so start slow, be consistent. Classes are often the best place to start, read the class descriptions carefully to find classes that you will enjoy and that are suitable for your ability.

If you are not sure reach out to health and wellness staff who can provide support.

Group Exercise Classes: We offer fitness classes catering to all levels and abilities. Check the timetable through the PAC app for classes and join the one that suits your fitness goals. Please remember to arrive a few minutes early to get ready, bookings are essential. Learn more by clicking here

Start Your Workout: Once you've warmed up and are ready to start, ensure you follow proper form and safety guidelines. Always respect other members' space and remember to clean equipment after use. A reminder to always bring a towel along for any sessions!

Swimming Pool: The PAC has three pools on site, catering to a wide range of aquatic recreational activities. You can either swim laps, cool down on a warm day or join an aqua fitness class if one is available. Please remember to always shower before entering the water. Showers are available on the pool deck and in the change rooms.

Post-Workout: After your workout, you can return to the locker rooms to shower, change and collect any of your belongings. Feel free to relax and unwind at our café, where you can enjoy a coffee, tea, or grab a bite to eat.

If you are a regular gym goer and know exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals, then this is the area for you.

Equipped with 2 lifting platforms, plate loaded machines, a smith machine, cable machines, 5 adjustable benches, fixed barbells and not to mention 2kg dumbbells all the way up to 50kgs! 

We also have multiple pairs of common dumbbells and some equipment but if you find yourself waiting for others to finish, please work in or see staff for other training options.

Instructions are available on our weight machines and a QR code on equipment can be scanned to view a video explaining how to perform each exercise.

Please keep all walkways free by using lockers or asking our friendly staff for assistance finding additional workout gear storage locations. 

In general, the gym equipment is adjusted by using the yellow handles (on Precor equipment) or red handles (on Nautilus equipment) 

Personal Training at the City of Parramatta offers tailored programs to help individuals achieve their fitness goals more efficiently. These programs include one-on-one sessions as well as small group sessions for two to four people. The personal training is suitable for a wide range of individuals, whether they are beginners to exercise, looking for a new approach to enhance their training, or needing assistance to recover from an injury. The training programs focus on various aspects of fitness such as weight loss, muscle gain, nutrition, cardio fitness, seniors exercise, training for events, and general health. The personal trainers guide their clients every step of the way, ensuring they reach their fitness goals.


Personal Training

Love your cardio?

Our Precor range consists of treadmills, ellipticals, upright and recumbent bikes which all allow you to increase the difficulty with a touch of a button.

We also have Stairmasters for lower and upper body, ski ergs, rowers, various bikes (Wattbikes and Airdynes) and Trueform treadmills.

Machines come with the standard emergency stop button/tab for safety just in case you need to stop or get off quickly. 

Please note: If you are unsure of how to use the safety features of a machine, please see staff for instructions before starting your workout. 

Booking and attending a class at the Parramatta Aquatic Centre (PAC) is a straightforward process that requires adherence to a few key etiquette rules to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

In all classes, respect the space and equipment of others, clean up after yourself, and follow the instructor's guidance. This respectful behaviour ensures a positive and productive environment for everyone at the PAC.

Book a class: Please download the PAC fitness app to view the full group fitness timetable and secure class bookings. All classes are available 25 hours in advance. 

Bookings can also be made via the PAC website bookings page. Simply navigate to the desired class or activity. Follow the prompts to book your spot.

Remember, spots cannot be saved for others, so each participant must book individually. 

Cannot make your booking? That’s ok! Please ensure you go back into your account and cancel out of the class. This allows for other members to have the opportunity to enjoy the class. This can be done up to 1 hour before a class begins, penalties may apply for non-attendance to a booked class. 

Before attending: Prior to any fitness class, ensure that you are healthy and able to participate in the activity. If you have any health concerns or medical conditions, consult with your doctor before starting any new fitness regimen.

Attending a class: Please arrive a few minutes early to allow time to prepare and settle in. Avoid disrupting the class by entering or exiting quietly and respectfully. If you must leave early, inform the instructor beforehand and position yourself near the exit to minimize disruption.

Aqua classes: These are a great low-impact option that suits all fitness levels. Like other classes, ensure you book your spot online and arrive early. Bring appropriate swimwear and a towel and remember to follow all pool safety rules. 

Penalties for non-attendance: To address the issue of non-attendance and help support all members who wish to participate in group fitness classes. The PAC has a non-attendance penalty policy in place.  

Members and guests who do not cancel a class that they have booked into at least 1 hour before and do not attend that class will be sent an email and app notification reminding them to cancel in future. 

If a participant fails to cancel a booking on more than two occasions within any (14 day) period, they will receive a third message advising that a block will be placed on their account that excludes them from booking into any group fitness classes for the following (14 days). Member will still be able to access all other elements of their PAC membership during this period. 
This process is being implemented to reinforce the importance of cancelling bookings that you no longer wish to utilise. This is for the benefit of all members and will assist in more people being able to book and utilise spaces in classes

Our Precor equipment comes with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect your Bluetooth device at the push of a button! From here, you can access entertainment features and track your kilometres to keep you entertained while you are knocking out those kilometres! Not an app person? You can also simply watch television or listen to the radio while you train.

Once you’ve linked your account, you can track your progress through Precor’s Preva mobile app which comes with pre-set workouts.

Headphones can be connected using the headphone jack or by clicking the Bluetooth icon on the home screen. 

Our lap swimming pools are for those who want to swim continuously. The PAC features both indoor and outdoor pools for patrons to utilise for lap swimming. This includes the 50m outdoor memorial pool and 25m indoor leisure pool.


View our lap lane availability here 

  • Lap Lane Etiquette: Please select a lane that best matches your swimming speed. If you're joining a lane with other swimmers, make sure to make eye contact or communicate with them before entering. Always swim on the left side of the lane to avoid collisions.
  • Rest Periods: If you need to rest, please do so at the ends of the lane, and try to stay in the corner to avoid blocking other swimmers.
  • Passing other swimmers: If you wish to pass a slower swimmer, do so on the right. If someone wants to pass you, pause at the end of the lane, and let them go ahead. Ensure the lane is clear of oncoming swimmers before overtaking to avoid collisions.
  • Medical Considerations: Please be aware that the temperature in our swimming pools may vary. If you have a medical condition that could be affected by extremes of temperatures, please consult with a healthcare provider before using these facilities.

The PAC offers a wide range of facilities, including a spa, steam room and sauna. To ensure everyone's comfort and safety, please follow the etiquette guidelines below when using these amenities.

Remember, our staff are always on hand to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. By following these guidelines, we can all enjoy a relaxing and safe experience at the PAC. 

View the facilities here.

Shower First: For hygiene reasons, please take a shower before entering the steam room, sauna, spa, or swimming pool. This helps to remove any oils, lotions, or sweat that could affect water quality.

Steam Room and Sauna etiquette: Remember to sit on a towel while using the steam room or sauna. Please limit your time to 15-20 minutes per session and exit immediately if you feel dizzy or unwell. Remember to be respectful by not being noisy in these relaxation areas.

Spa etiquette: When using the spa, please avoid diving or splashing, as this can disrupt others who are trying to relax. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the spa, sauna, or steam room.

Bookings: These facilities need to be booked in advance via our app and online via the client portal. A limit on the amount of time members and guests can book these spaces is in place to ensure the health and safety of all users. This limit is set at a maximum of 30 minutes per booking (2 books per day).

Medical Considerations: Please be aware that the temperature in the spa, steam room and sauna may vary. If you have a medical condition that could be affected by extremes of temperatures, please consult with a healthcare provider before using these facilities.