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City of Parramatta is undertaking various flood studies. To find out more see our Parramatta Flood Studies page.


We can't stop flooding but together we can keep our community safe. Learn more about Council's flood management work. 

Why is this important?

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For most people who live through a flood, normal life is put on hold. Homes and businesses are damaged. Services such as clean water and electricity use are disrupted.

In the worst possible flood up to 25% of our community could be covered in floodwaters.

The Parramatta CBD is the most flash flood affected major CBD in New South Wales. This limits emergency response time and the ability to protect our homes and communities.

To help respond to the growing population and the limitations of our City environment, we need to increase our capacity to deal with flood events. By doing so we can create a more resilient community, one where our residents bounce back to normal life faster, at home and at work.

Minimise the impact of flooding on the community

What we’re already doing

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  • Drainage works, maintenance and upgrades are undertaken to manage local overland flooding
  • Developing a Local Government Area-wide flood model for the Parramatta River to help us understand flood risk and make effective planning decisions
  • Updating our Flood Risk Management Plans in accordance with NSW Government regulations
  • FloodSmart Parramatta service provides our community and emergency responders with real-time flood information
  • Maintain a range of flood detection and defence structures aimed at reducing flood risk
  • Undertaken a flood evacuation assessment for the Parramatta CBD

Coordinating a Floodplain Risk Management Committee, to review all flood planning and projects across the Council area, by following the floodplain risk management process as identified by NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE).

Our actions (1-4 years)

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  • Complete the Parramatta River Flood study and Floodplain Risk Management Plan, including mainstream and overland flows
  • Launch FloodSmart Parramatta, including a public warning service and access to river and rain gage information
  • Continue to improve our drainage network
  • Develop community engagement and awareness on how to identify and respond to flood risks
  • Work with partners including NSW State Emergency Service, Sydney Water, Bureau of Metrology and Local Lands Services around flood emergency management
  • Update the planning controls to appropriately manage flood risks as the City grows
  • Continue to coordinate the Parramatta River Floodplain Risk Management Committee and process.

More information

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