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Parramatta River Transformation

The City of Parramatta is moving forward with plans to transform the Parramatta River and bring to life the vision for Parramatta as Sydney’s Central River City.

Revitalisation of the Parramatta River is being realised through several landmark projects, including the:

Current Parramatta River projects:
  • City of Parramatta is excited to be delivering a unique lookout experience at the heart of the Parramatta River Foreshore at Stewart Street Reserve.

    Expected to be completed in late-2024, the $1M project jointly funded by the NSW Government in association with City of Parramatta, will transform the underutilised Stewart Street Reserve into a scenic lookout.

    The plan includes a cantilevered platform structure that would offer views directly over Parramatta River, along with new paths, seating, feature tree planting and bushland planting.

    The Stewart Street Reserve Escarpment Lookout will link the Escarpment Boardwalk and Charles Street Square. Find out more 

  • Set to be completed by 2027, this $28+ million project is centred around the creation of new pedestrian and cycling connections to provide the community with more opportunities to engage with, appreciate, and enjoy the Parramatta River.

    Funded by the NSW Government’s Western Sydney Infrastructure Grants Program, in association with City of Parramatta, this project is focused on the river segment between Marsden Street and O'Connell Street, and introduces a dedicated bridge for pedestrians and cyclists to connect the northern and southern riverbanks and a new boardwalk on the southern foreshore. For more information see Western River Precinct Connections

  • At the heart of Parramatta is the river, an ancient waterway that has attracted and sustained communities for thousands of years.

    In mid-2023, the City of Parramatta Council endorsed a new vision for the Parramatta River along with an exciting proposal to create a 870ha Central River Parkland.

    Within the Parramatta River Vision, the focus of Council’s work over the next decade will be transforming the river, improving water quality, and creating a space for nature.

    For more information visit the Central River Parklands page

  • Council, in consultation with TransDev and Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is currently investigating design solutions for a new river crossing at the Charles Street Weir which will improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists and provide more opportunities to enjoy the Parramatta River. 

    Planned for completion in 2025, a new wider river crossing at Parramatta Weir will unite the  Escarpment Boardwalk with Charles Street Square and connect the City Centre to the regional Parramatta River Valley trail.

    Planned minor upgrades to the Parramatta Weir will also support flood resilience, and improve silt and debris management post-flooding.

    The Charles Street Footbridge project will include public domain improvements and landscaping works such as new pavement, balustrades, lighting, wayfinding signage etc.

    Community consultation on the Charles Street Footbridge is planned to begin in 2024 with construction expected to begin in late 2024.

  • The Old King's Foreshore, adjacent to the Old King's Parade Ground, holds cultural, historical and social significance at local, state and federal levels. The foreshore is also a popular recreation area and forms a part of a high-traffic pedestrian corridor linking key destinations including the Parramatta CBD and CommBank Stadium.

    Following extensive community consultation, planning and design, and Heritage NSW approvals, in March 2023, twenty (20) LED light poles were installed along the shared pathway, improving amenity and safety for pedestrians and bike riders.

    For more information see Old King’s Foreshore

  • As part of a Voluntary Planning Agreement between City of Parramatta and the developers of 12-14 Phillip Street, the foreshore area on the south-side of the Parramatta River is being renewed. 

    The project includes a range of public domain improvements between Church Street and Marsden Street including new pedestrian access via the Lennox Bridge and new stairs within the development linking to Church Street and Marsden Street. 

    A new boardwalk will extend to the west providing more access to the foreshore area with outlook towards the Marsden Street Weir.  In addition to repairing the sea wall, new paving and balustrades will be introduced. Upgrades to lighting, seating, and new tree planting will also contribute to making the area more welcoming and attractive. 

  • Charles Street Square at Parramatta Quay has been a gathering place for locals and visitors for thousands of years – and now with funding support from the NSW Government via the Transport Access and NSW Public Spaces Legacy Programs - it’s been transformed.

    A critical project for Council, Parramatta Quay is now a vibrant public space, an accessible entry point to our City that celebrates the Parramatta River. Construction on the $12.7M+ project was completed in October, with an official launch held 27 November 2023.

    For more information visit the Charles Street Square page.

  • Officially opened on Tuesday 31 October 2023, the Alfred Street Bridge is a new pedestrian and cyclist bridge over the Parramatta River between James Ruse Drive and the Gasworks Bridge.  At 4.5 meters wide and almost 200m long, it will be the first true diagonal arch bridge in Australia.

    Co-funded by City of Parramatta and the NSW Government, this $19 million project is part of the revitalisation of the Parramatta River, and is a key element within a network of planned pedestrian and cyclist improvements.

    For more information visit the Alfred Street Bridge page.

    Information on community consultation, and on the related cycleway projects, can be found here.

Parramatta CBD River Strategy

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Endorsed by Council in 2015, the Parramatta City River Strategy is a comprehensive plan to transform the City River Foreshore into a vibrant public space that connects to the city, celebrates the history and culture of the Parramatta River, and is resilient to flooding.

The Parramatta CBD River Strategy reaches from Rings Bridge in the west, at the gateway to Parramatta Park, to Gas Works Bridge in the east, just beyond the ferry wharf.

The Parramatta CBD River Strategy provides a framework for the City of Parramatta’s program of public domain works along the river foreshore.

Located at the head of the harbour, Parramatta Quay is the river entry point to our City.

As the western counterpart to Circular Quay, it is the terminus to a historic harbour journey.

View part 1 of the River Strategy

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