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Filming and Photography

Parramatta is a fantastic place to make a movie. It’s fresh, diverse and versatile. It’s gritty and gorgeous by turns and it hasn’t yet become a screen cliché.

Located within easy reach of the rest of Sydney, Parramatta has peaceful green spaces and modern high-rise cityscapes. It has a drop-dead gorgeous river, historic homes, a buzzing café precinct and classic Australian suburbia. Add to that Council’s filming friendly protocols, a huge pool of local film professionals, state-of-the-art production facilities and strong community-arts support, makes Parramatta the perfect location for your next shoot.

City of Parramatta Council encourages filming activity and welcomes artists interested in discovering our City's backdrop. Council has implemented the NSW Government's policies which are designed to cut through red tape and make approval processes easier, faster and more streamlined than ever before.

Parramatta has already provided the backdrop to well-known TV shows and commercials, movies, TV series and documentaries:

  • Cedar Boys
  • The Combination
  • Wolverine
  • East West 101
  • Cops LAC
  • Selling Houses Australia
  • Packed to the Rafters
  • Home and Away
  • Domestic Blitz
  • All Saints
  • Australia's Got Talent
  • Brothers in Arms
  • Crownies
  • Cleverman

Filming and photography application form

You can use the Filming and Photography Online Application Form to apply for approval to undertake filming or still photography within Parramatta.

Please note that if this application form is submitted less than 48 hours (2 working days) prior to shoot date, approval is not guaranteed.

All filming applications will be subject to City of Parramatta’s Filming & Still Photography Terms & Conditions.

Insurance requirements

All film projects must have public liability insurance and a copy of the certificate of currency must be provided along with the application before any approvals can be provided.

  • Stills shoots, news crew-style shoots, short films, documentaries, student films and children's productions should have $10 million coverage.
  • TV commercials, dramas, mini-series and films with budgets under $50 million need $20 million coverage.
  • Films with budgets greater than $50 million need $30 million insurance coverage.

Notify the police

Filming activities on public land may need to be approved by NSW Police to discuss traffic control, user-pays police personnel and working around other activities that may be planned in the area at the same time. Police must also be notified if the filming project involves firearms, police uniforms or any other law enforcement-related props.

Parking and traffic requirements

City of Parramatta Council assesses all parking / traffic needs for productions requiring access to on-street parking. You may be allocated or purchase parking spaces for unit and essential vehicles and keep a section of kerbspace to use for filming. Applications must show the exact parking locations on a clear map, the parking restrictions and provide the registration details of vehicles parking on-street. Barricading/reserving of parking may be required in some areas, which must be carried out by authorised traffic controllers. Parking approvals will be subject to conditions. If required please visit the City's Online Services here to complete the Temporary Road Occupancy application.

Neighbour notification

Before you start filming you need to letterbox drop the area around your location letting the neighbours (business/residential) know about your production plans.

Private property

If you are filming on private property you do not require Council consent. However, it is appreciated that you notify Council of your intent. The SCOUT Filmmakers Guide to Parramatta is a useful resource for first-time visitors.


If you require advice about your application or have any additional requirements please contact:
e: filming@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au