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Public Art

Public Art

See, be, play, know. Welcome to City of Parramatta’s Public Art page where you can find out about the wonderful public art projects being delivered in Parramatta.

City of Parramatta is committed to delivering a public art program that will create a sense of belonging, stimulate debate, generate cultural tourism, contribute to local economies, and increase personal wellbeing.

Public art is any artwork created to be experienced in a public space. It can include sculpture, murals, installation, multimedia, and sound or be integrated into architectural spaces and landscaping.

Our public art program will encourage cultural participation and enhances our city’s liveability. The carefully curated public artworks dotted throughout the city will transform the landscape and deliver social, aesthetic, economic, cultural and heritage benefits for residents, businesses and visitors.


Light Sculpture
Burra burawa birrung gili by Cundall in consultation with Uncle Jim Carrol & Matt Fellingham, 2023, Phillip Lane, Parramatta, Medium: Light Sculpture


A shiny, silvery, reflective architects rendering of Place of the Eels - a recreation of the bus used by the Rugby League Parramatta Eels football team for meetings after the Granville Stadium was burned down.
Place of the Eels, by Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro 2022. Parramatta Square Medium: Sculpture


New age purple and pink polygon which is an architects rendering of an Eel from the Parramatta River
Where the Eels Lie Down, by Reko Rennie 2023. Parramatta Square
Medium: Sculpture


Illustrated is an architects rendering of a skylight within the new 5 Parramatta Square Civic Building. It is blue and purple with wavy lines entitled 'The Ripple Effect'
Ripple Effect, by Abdullah M.I. Syed 2022. Phive
Medium: Video


Green and blue abstract video projections of 101 Graham Street
Habi Habit, by Kalanjay Dhir 2022. Phive. Medium: Video


101 Graham Street
101 Graham Street, by Kristone Capistrano 2022. Phive. Medium: Video


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