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Community Data & Demographics

The results of the 2016 Census were released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2017.

City of Parramatta provides access to online resources which give an insight into the current demographics of the City of Parramatta Local Government Area (LGA). These resources can show us how our community has changed over time and how it compares to other areas (such as Greater Western Sydney). These tools are designed to assist community groups, investors, business, students, visitors and the general public. 

Our online resources will help you to better understand our community by showing characteristics such as age, income and diversity as well as population trends. Data is available in table, map and chart form and can be easily downloaded from the Community Profile, Social Atlas, Economy ID and Forecast tools featured on Profile ID . These online resources also provide summaries of the demographics of our suburbs as well as ‘Communities of Interest’ profiles. 

The information will be useful for planning, advocacy, grant funding, development applications and even school projects!

Click below for a snapshot of our Community in 2016.

Community profile

Understand the current population of our LGA and suburbs. Analyse and compare this data with national, state, capital city and regional areas. Information provided is based on Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016 Census (ABS) data.
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Social atlas

Learn about population patterns and trends through in-depth demographic analysis and interactive spatial ‘flare maps’.
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Discover drivers of population change and understand the future population of our LGA.
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City of Parramatta has also prepared a number of visual resources that you can use to easily access and interpret the 2016 Census data. 



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