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When Is Your Bin Collected?

Watch to find out more about presenting bins and clean ups properly.

When Is My Waste Collection Day?

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To find out your waste collection day, enter your residential address on the map below. If you notice any discrepancies in the map or need assistance please call 1300 617 058 or email

Click on the button below to view the 2024 waste collection calendar.

Bin Presentation

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To ensure your bins are emptied on time, please ensure

  1. Bins are place at the kerb the night before the collection day.
  2. Objects or cars are not blocking access to your bin.
  3. Bins must be placed at least 1 m away from the trees, poles or cars and allow at least 30cm space between bins.
  4. Bins are not overflowing and bin lids remain closed.
  5. There is no dangerous or unacceptable material in your bin such as batteries or sharps.
  6. Bin opening is facing the road.
  7. Bins must be removed from the kerb and returned back to the property by the end of the collection day.
  8. Bins must be kept on the resident’s premises at all other times and not in a public place unless prior written approval has been obtained from the Council. Bins left in a public place for longer than the calendar day of the bin’s collection may be removed and enforcement action may be taken.


Why has my bin been tagged?

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You may have noticed a green, red or orange tags on your bin. These tags are put in place to notify you when you have placed the wrong items in your bin or presented your bin incorrectly. This helps us reduce contamination that can result in recycling going to landfill unnecessarily. 

See below for tag references:

Red tag = Contamination. 
Contamination was found in your recycling bin. 

Orange tag = Incorrect bin presentation.
Your bin is either over filled (lid not shutting) or too heavy (over 70kg and truck couldn’t lift it). 

Green = Correct bin presentation and no contamination. 
Your bin has been presented correctly with no contamination. Thanks for doing the right thing. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding waste, what items are accepted in each bin, or how to prevent over filling, please do not hesitate to contact Council on 1300 617 058. Let’s work together to create a greener and more environmentally friendly community. 

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