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Development control plans

Development Control Plans (DCP) provide additional planning and design guidelines to support the aims and objectives of the LEP. DCPs provide detailed controls and standards for addressing development issues at a local level and cover various development types, including residential, commercial and industrial. 

Under Section 4.15 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, the consent authority is required to take into consideration the relevant provisions of the DCP in determining a development application. 

The new Parramatta Development Control Plan (DCP) 2023 came into effect on 18 September 2023.  

The Parramatta DCP 2023 provides a consolidated set of controls that repeals the following five DCPs that applied to the City of Parramatta Local Government Area:  

  • Parramatta DCP 2011 
  • Auburn DCP 2010 
  • The Hills DCP 2012 
  • Holroyd DCP 2013 
  • Hornsby DCP 2013  

Parramatta Development Control Plan 2023

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Parramatta Development Control Plan 2023 applies to the same area which Parramatta Local Environment Plan 2023 applies and came into effect on 18 September 2023.  

The DCP can be found below: 

Book version 

Please note -  When downloading Council’s Development Control Plan the document will continue to be amended and therefore we discourage downloading and instead recommend setting up a bookmark and ensuring your cache is cleared. 

Stand-alone Development Control Plans

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The following development control plans apply to specific sites in the City of Parramatta LGA: 

Note: The City of Parramatta Council on 28 August 2023 endorsed administrative ‘non-policy’ changes to the above stand-alone DCPs. These changes resulted from the Land Use Planning Harmonisation Framework project and include:  

  • replacing references to the former Auburn City Council to the City of Parramatta Council.  
  • replacing references to the Auburn LEP 2010 that have been replaced by the new Parramatta LEP 2023.  
  • transferring controls referenced within the Auburn DCP 2010 (which has been superseded by the implementation of the new Parramatta DCP 2023) to retain the existing policy framework for the precincts. 
  • other changes as needed to retain existing policy. 

These changes are administrative only and have been made in response to the Council boundary changes that occurred in May 2016.  

A Notice will be published when the updated DCPs come into effect.  


Sydney Olympic Park Master Plan 

Master Plan 2030 (2018 Review) 

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Repealed Development Control Plans

Any Development Application lodged before 18 September 2023 will be assessed in accordance with the relevant previous DCP that applied at the time of the application lodgement. See Section 1.4 of the Parramatta DCP 2023 for Savings and Transitional Arrangements.  

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To view historical versions of the DCP, get in touch with our Land Use Planning Team on (02) 9806 5050.

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