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Development contributions

Development Contributions for Local Infrastructure

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City of Parramatta Council collects development contributions under a range of plans to fund infrastructure for the community including parks, libraries, traffic and transport infrastructure. The funding of local infrastructure is assisted in part by developer contributions known as Section 7.11 or Section 7.12 contributions.

Contribution Plans

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Council has two (2) contribution plans currently in effect one applies to land within the Parramatta CBD. The other applies to the rest of the LGA. A map showing the application of each plan is provided here.

Contribution Plans

Draft Contributions Plans

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Council at it's meeting of 14 June 2022 approved Draft Parramatta CBD Local Infrastructure Plan for submission to the Department of Planning for final assessment as requested by the Minister of Planning.

The draft Plan intends to replace the Parramatta CBD Development Contribution Plan 2007 (Amendment 5) and was prepared in conjunction with the City of Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal known as Parramatta Local Environmental Plan 2011 (Amendment No 56). The draft Plan proposes to increase contribution rates in parts of the Parramatta CBD to 4% of the cost of development for commercial development and 5% of the cost of development for residential development. Some areas will continue to remain at the current 3% levy.

Frequently asked questions
  • Contribution fees are put towards funding development-generated demand for local infrastructure within the Parramatta Local Government Area. These fees fund infrastructure works such as open space/outdoor recreation, indoor sports courts, community facilities, aquatic facilities, traffic & transport, and plan administration to meet the needs of the existing and future population. More details on these types of contributions are shown in the Works Program Appendices of each Contribution Plan.

  • Development Contributions are often required for a Development Application or Complying Development Certificate. Development contribution fees are shown within a condition of consent.

    Accredited certifiers are responsible for ensuring that a condition is imposed on a complying development certificate in accordance with this Plan. They must notify Council of their determination within two (2) days of making the determination, in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021. Applicants must pay their contribution before commencing the complying development works.

  • Yes. These are listed in the plan relevant to that area and development category.  If your development is exempt from development contributions, this is stated in the Development Application (DA) or Complying Development Certificate (CDC) assessment.

  • Yes. You should get a quote before payment as amounts may have increased (by indexing) since approval was granted. Prior to payment, please contact the Council’s Customer Service Team on 1300 617 058 to confirm your Application number and the indexed contribution amount.

    Or alternatively you may send an email enquiry to the Contributions Inbox at

  • To pay, please go to Council’s website and select Online Services > Make a Payment > Applications Payment and include your current payment amount and application number for your DA or CDC.

    Once paid, the funds are held in Council’s financial reserves for use on projects listed within the Works Program of each Development Contributions plan.

Contributions Register

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Council maintains a Development Contributions Register in accordance with Section 217 of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulation 2021.  Due to volume, the information provided is limited to 5 years worth of development application and complying development approvals. Should you require information about older applications, please email your enquiry to

DISCLAIMER:  While every effort is made to provide accurate information within the development contributions register it is noted that some errors or misdescriptions may occur. As such, this information should not be solely relied upon. If you are seeking information about a specific development contribution matter, please email your enquiry to

Voluntary planning agreements

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Voluntary planning agreements (VPAs) are a legal agreement entered into between Council and a developer in conjunction with Council's consideration of a rezoning application (planning proposal); a development application; or complying development certificate where the developer agrees to dedicate land free of cost, pay a monetary contribution, or provide any other material public benefit such as infrastructure, amenities, services, affordable housing or improvements to the natural environment.

VPAs can either be in lieu of or in addition to a development contribution payment and this will be negotiated as part of the VPA.

Council has adopted the Parramatta Voluntary Planning Agreements Policy.

Making an offer

If you wish to make an offer to Council to enter into a Planning Agreement the offer should be made using Council’s letter of offer template.

Council has also prepared template documents for the draft legal agreement and explanatory note which must be prepared as part of the Planning Agreement process and which should be reviewed before you make any offer to Council.